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  1. @Rhett @Lindy Will you guys be announcing the next sale the same way?
  2. If anyone would know about software deplyment would love that they are doing this. Instead of testing in their closed group of testers they would open their own board so they can get the problems solved faster.
  3. Oh really who are you hosting with and what actions did you take I am sure it is right I also posted it here and it worked.
  4. Sorry for bumping this but I can do it perfectly fine, though on my forum I am not able to.
  5. Hmm I seem to have this same problem works fine here
  6. Yeah I was about to report that idk why
  7. There is a plugin offered by the editor that adds a good bit of langues and the none option I believe
  8. You do know this post is 4 months old.
  9. Yeah @arbee it is quite important, but needs to be improved. Fo example like caching the list of current topic participants so that it would be much faster.
  10. If it would allow me to edit my post, I have found that a customized topic feed is better suited for my needs due to the fact they display the order in which they were replied to.
  11. ​Is there a way to kinda compress the view, I rather not have it show the whole post that was posted, rather just a link to the topic.
  12. I might be blind, but why is there no Recent Replies widget...? There is one on the store for like 8 bucks, this should be built in though.
  13. Hmm going in and converting them yourself would be quite the job
  14. I have noticed that the upgrade from 3.4.7 to 4.0RC7a even after all the background task are ran the "[ code ]" tags are not being converted into the new ckeditors code. I was wondering if anyone else can confirm this. Also has anyone found a work around?
  15. Yeah good work, I am a member at your forum, but after being logged I get the message saying that I must login to use the shoutbox.
  16. ​The way I could see doing it this way is to have a server client type of setup going. With packet encryption and other intensive measures against brute force attacks
  17. I will be up for some public testing just shoot it my way for sure.
  18. That was not what I was pointing out. I was saying that why waste the resources of making it a widget when many to most will use it on top where it would make more sense. I would assume it would save time on dev to not make it resizable and a widget
  19. I would also like to know having a programming based forum and what not lol
  20. I don't know, If I would like it chilling in my sidebar so why not have the fix locations.
  21. Just a little bump to see if anyone else has had this.
  22. I don't know if this is a bug or a hidden permission I just cannot seem to find, but whenever you are logged into a member account you are able to see the whole forum. But when you are viewing as a guess you only see a few of the forum sections even though they have permission to see them all. This was after I upgraded a test site from 3.4.7. Has anyone else had this problem? Edit: Yes I have finished the background task Seems now when I went on the group permission and edited it to the same permissions they were I get this when a guest views. Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0
  23. If you want to set up a test site without upgrading that is relatively easy. What you should do is just make a subdomain or place to put it in. if you want to upgrade somewhere else, then go about making a clone of the current database and name it something else. make a copy of all the files needed by IPS and then put those where the subdomain root is. Once you have that edit the config file to point to the new database and then see if it works. When you go to upgrade do like you normally would and then put -TESTINSTALL at the end of your license. Not going into much detail but I hope it helps.
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