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  1. Exactly. ΑndyF, your comparison is also ridiculous.
  2. Your comparing two completely different things. Fine if you say this. xF don't charge you for domain change or to download the current files. Are you saying switch to them? I'll gladly. Seeing I already use them. The point is. you should not be charged to download files you legally own. IF you want to make ridiculous comparison, that's like going to your lawyer and them charging you a $300 fee just to view the files you legally own. (I used that as an example because I had that happen to me, and I simply got a new lawyer and was able to view my files for free) SO in this case. I'm essentially saying Get a new software that does not charge such non sense fees such as xF.
  3. Exactly. Not to mention if you do have other things along with IP.B it will cost you MORE then $25 every 6 months. I also agree with the renewal fee. Every software usually has this. However to not be able to use the license that you already paid for is ridiculous.
  4. This sorta angries me and as any future buyer of the software would probably make them go someplace else. As the owner of the license you should have the right to download your current version of the software. Example, if it expired on version 3.3 and it is now 3.4.5 then you should be able to at least download 3.3. Nothing more annoying then having to pay more for something you already own.
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