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  1. I too really appreciate this blog post and the concerted efforts you have taken in introducing tools and links to relevant information help us with GDPR compliance in 4.2.7. I chose the community software as it is top class and actively enhanced, has professional support and takes security seriously. Now it benefits from support for first rate privacy and data protection tools to the list. GDPR is I believe a much needed step forward for privacy and the assertion that individuals own the rights to their data is increasingly vital in this age of social media and big data analysis. I hope and believe GDPR may well become the de facto world privacy standard and should not be feared but embraced to provide true transparency and protection to our community members in the best way. One area as highlighted also by the @The Old Man that may still need to be addressed in relation to the right to be informed and a subjects access requests. I am not concerned particularly about content such as posts, articles, blogs etc however member data, store customer data and to IP & device data is collected and is accessible and there needs to be a mechanism to provide this data in response to subject access requests in an easily readable electronic form. This data is accessible via the ACP but it is not easily captured or exported e.g. in CSV or PDF, the only real method currently is screen capture which is laborious.
  2. Thank you for the PM the patch works great thanks
  3. Yes I have FTP access so would appreciate the patch.
  4. Fantastic that works great - maybe this should be added as a setting in a future version rather than being hard coded? To perfect my video system can you help with one thing that you helped me change in 3.4.X. On an individual video page I want the feed block to display the other videos from within that particular category rather than list videos from all categories or videos one or more specific categories? Thanks in anticipation
  5. My video description text is only approx six lines long so I would like to remove the 'Read more...' and always have the description text full expanded. Can you let me know if this is possible and how to achieve it? Many thanks
  6. HI Adlago Recently I realised just how heavy my Invison Pages based homepage is and was really shocked. I agree with Adlago that the issue of the icon sizes must really be looked at and improved. I consider it so but others may well consider it 'by design'. To further illustrate the issue https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/ weighs in at a hefty 7.46MB .... ouch! Best regards Nick
  7. Hi My organisation has a central administrative postal address and engage a separate dispatch company for commerce goods fulfilment. As a result there is a specific email address shop@ and a separate postal address for shop dispatch and goods returns. One feature I was shocked to see seems to have gone AWOL between 3.4.x and 4.X is the ability to specify a separate outgoing shop email address. The separation of suite/billing/support email addresses was added to IP.Nexus in May 2013 Minor Workflow Enhancements in IP.Nexus 1.5.8 and needs re-implementing in 4.x. In addition it should also be possible to separately define the commerce postal address when one is needed. This should then be used on the invoices and as the footer in shop related email notifications. The currently restrictive implementation is such that: Site name: Used in the site header and email template footer Physical address: Used in the site header and email template footer and privacy statement Copyright: Copyright appears on site footer Outgoing email address: Emails sent from to members will appear as being sent from this address My current workaround is to remove the physical address from the email template footer and suffer the indignity of a no-reply@ email as the outgoing shop email address. I hope commerce can be improved and go from strength to strength. Best regards Nick
  8. Hi Images are included in a range of emails sent by the suite such as a commerce invoice and refund emails (product images) and also general notification emails such as calendar events, followed topics etc (profile photos). When a newer profile image (avatar) or an improved product photo are updated all previously sent emails display the 'broken image symbol' and do not display the new current image. From a user perspective the product has not changed or in the case of the profile photo the person has not changed, just the image has been updated! Overall this provides a really poor user experience as users may frequently check back on recent emails such as recent commerce invoice emails. Currently when you upload a new profile photo (avatar) this is not always going to keep the same filename as the previous one and same with product images, etc... For example an initial email image may be loaded as http://www.yoursite.com/forum/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-401.png but when changed it may become http://www.yoursite.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_09/F.png.088b7ed12903c286b9aaa7a28ca6bfb0.png To prove the point in the second screenshot the new image is made to replaces the broken image icon by copying the parachute image to the previous image filename. If fixed filenames were maintained for profile images and product images instead of changing the filename the integrity of the image display in emails could be maintained. I have raised this issue with support and they confirm that 'By the current design when a new image is uploaded the old is removed so any links to that static old URL would no longer work.'. They also suggested as this is a new feature request to change how the system is current designed to suggest this change by posting it here. Please provide feedback on this request and whether the current design should be corrected by IPS suggested? Best regards Nick
  9. Thank you opentype for your fast response and pointing that out. I had forgotten about that field option and indeed it is evidently why my categories are ordered by title! Is anyone able to show me how to add "by views" to pages categories? As mentioned it is already a sort option in Downloads? Cheers Nick
  10. Hi I am really loving the the Pages app and have created a great website making good use of categories, category listings and per category images. However currently one rather sad IPS4 omission is that there is no ability to define a default sort order within the Pages app for articles listed in a category. Currently it looks to be a hard coded default to sort by title only, whereas I need sort by views so the most popular articles feature at the top of the listing. Unfortunately the only configuration available within Pages is at the database level to sort homepage articles and even then views is not one of the options. Interestingly in the Downloads app the default sort order of each category display can be set to Views/Most reviewed/Highest rated etc. @anyone Can you provide a template edit or even better a plugin to add a per category default sort order to Pages? I would be eternally indebted to you. @Invision Could this improvement be added to the roadmap and consistency provided across the apps so a full set of consistent defaults are available? Thanks in anticipation Nick
  11. Hi The advanced footer is great and I have recently added it to my site. One small issue I have found is that when I add staff member in alphabetical order they are displayed the first time correctly, however whenever I change any config in the plugin and save it, the order changes to be on what looks likely to be member_id order. To display them in alphabetical order again it is necessary to delete them all add them all again and save, which works until the next config change. Is it possible to fix this? Many thanks Nick
  12. Hi Adriano This little plugin fills a much needed gap but could you enhance it so that a set of specified member groups can also change event authors? In addition to admins I need an editorial group and moderator group to be able to change authors. Many thanks Nick
  13. Hi Invision Version 4.2.4 is slated as a maintenance release however it seems Invision continue to maintain the policy of keeping their customers in the dark with the changes. According to the theme comparison tool there are a number of under the hood theme change and have yet to install the release on my pre-production server to discover what these and any other changes in the release are. It would also be really useful to know what is in each release, rather than having to trawl through blog posts to uncover new features and changes. The 4.x news blogs were excellent but now it is quite hard to see what features were introduced in 4.1 and 4.2 release which really needs from being consolidated somewhere. I understand the resistance to a bug tracker but how about a feature and changes tracker that is linked to the Release notes? I only came across the tool by chance and I am sure a large number of customers may not know about it and it is quite important. I wonder what your usage statistics for the tool tell you on the customer base that has used it? It is not mentioned in the installation and upgrade guide and the only place I believe it is mentioned in an 4.1 upgrade prep article (an this post of course!) but you might like to add it to the relevant documents.. In the current arrangement could the release notes state 'Theme changes' with a link to the tool as this would alert customers to the fact the theme has changed as "4.2.4 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.3."does not imply theme changes have been made. Keep up the good work Nick
  14. Nick Willson

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    Apologies, I realised 3.0.1 was installed so removed and re-installed 3.0.5 which fixed the issue. Weird I know, might have been an interaction with another plugin or something.
  15. Nick Willson

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    Thank you for picking this up so quickly. I can confirm that the demos at that link all work fine on the ipad
  16. Nick Willson

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    I have noticed that on an iPad (ios 9.3.5) the cookie notice works in Safari but a strange message is displayed in Chrome and Firefox. It continues to appear with Request Desktop Site, although it appears as a footer message. I understand the wording may be that used as a Facebook JavaScript Console Warning? Any assistance with this will be most welcome. Thanks Nick
  17. Thanks that would be great
  18. Hi Adriano I recently purchased Contact Us 1.1.4 and installed it and it great! However the Contact Us links in error boxes still go to the IPS standard contact us form rather then the plug-in. e.g. The link provided on the error pages such as "Sorry, there is a problem. We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2T254/2" Is this unique to me, a bug or am I missing something? Thanks in anticpation Many thanks Nick
  19. Hi Edward Thank you for the heads-up on this, has aMember fixed the issue? Best regards Nick
  20. My promenu v3.2.2 Bazinga! is working well in both desktop and mobile. On the mobile menu however Sign-in and Register account appear as the last items on the menu and are automatically replaced with Sign-out when the user is logged in. My website is quite extensive and has 15 menu items above them and as a result it is difficult to locate the Sign-in or Sign-out items and when a user is signed in it is not obvious to them that they are. Is it possible to locate these somehow so they appear under the first menu item which is Home on my website menu (or alternatively at the first item)? I look forward to hearing from you, Best regards, Nick
  21. Can I bump this as I would appreciate you verifying these issues. Would appreciate a quick fix particularly for the cart icon as i cannot upgrade promenu with this bug. Many thanks
  22. ​Sorry for the delay in replying, here is the attached screenshot of nexus icon problem. Are you able to fix this soon as I want to upgrade promenu but I will launching my shop soon so really need this fixed. One the second issue the primary menu in tablet mode does not display any icons for the menu items. In the second screenshot the home icon should appear for the home menu but it is missing however the menu is offset for it.
  23. ​Yes its purely a default IPS installation with default themes. ​I don't quite understand what you mean here maybe it was my explanation so here is hopefully a clearer one. I want the mobile menu to display on mobile phones and the full responsive primary menu to display on desktops and tablets. The mobile menu is fine and so is the primary menu on the desktop when set to 'mobile style' the responsive primary menu collapses correctly. The issue I see on an ipad the collapsed primary menu is always displayed whatever the value of Mobile Style min width e.g. 800, 1000, 0. (I have re-cached and deleted browser cache etc). I am hoping for tablets to use the normal primary menu in landscape and collapsed responsive primary menu in portrait. Do you know why the collapsed mobile style primary menu is always shown on the ipad and whether it can be made to be responsive? ​Another issue I have spotted is icons do not appear on the collapsed primary menu, instead that menu item is just indented which makes the menu look weird.
  24. Thanks Robert for your speedy response you were of course right I re-uploaded the files and installed it fine. I am particularly interested in the new mobile menu and the responsive primary menu which look like really great additions however I have come across some issues. Since upgrading the nexus cart button is moved from the black store bar and now overlays on top of the mobile menu icon, I guess this is a bug?Is there any way to reposition Sign In and Create Account to the top of the mobile menu? They can be easily missed at the bottom and were prominent at the top on the old mobile menu.Is there a way to utilise the old mobile menu style after upgrade to 3.2.2?On the primary menu when 'Default to on mobile device' is mobile style, the mobile style primary menu is always displayed on my ipad3 whatever the value of Mobile Style min width e.g. 800. (I have re-cached and deleted browser cache etc). It definitely is the primary menu being displayed in its responsive form as my true mobile menu has different menu item. I am hoping for tablets to use the normal primary menu in landscape and collapsed responsive primary menu in portrait. Due you know what the issue might be here?Many thanks.
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