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  1. Yeah it seems likely - It's so easy to create a Facebook group that people generally don't think of forums as a solution unless they're looking to establish something at least semi-commercial and are bothered about owning the data and want the benefit of SEO, adverts etc. Tapatalk seem to be looking to set up their own platform, so I think are less bothered about supporting forum plugins. Trouble is with their reputation and support, no-one in their right mind is going to want to set up a community on their platform.
  2. Yeah, but in our experience, users don't like the mobile view and find it difficult to use - That's been the problem really. We had the same issue with the iOS app. No response to support tickets and eventually it turned up. The real problem is that user behaviour is changing and people are much more likely to engage with an 'app' than a 'forum' even if it's the same thing in a different skin. The marketing potential for the app is much greater, too.
  3. Yeah, and their support is worse. The trouble is that for a forum like ours, there aren't a lot of options for getting a branded mobile app out there and Tapatalk does (on the whole) do the job.
  4. Is anyone else having problems with Tapatalk / BYO on 4.3? We've disabled it and notified Tapatalk support, but that was a while ago now. Just wondering if others are having issues with users not being able to log in on the app - The basics were working but nothing which requires auth. I don't believe Tapatalk officially support 4.3, but then I don't know how much the API has (or hasn't) changed so the issue may lie elsewhere.
  5. Ah, cool. Yeah - Got it. Have moved to 4.2 as our stock theme. I'm guessing we didn't get switched automatically as our base theme had a few CSS tweaks. I am impressed with the product now, though. Looks really slick.
  6. 1) Okay - How do we use that? I kind of want it on the forum home page really. 2) No, they want it. I guess I could add it, but just annoying that it's not there by default. 3) Shame really. Looks WAY better. I assume everyone else on a stock build has 'Default' as the F/E theme and '4.2' for admin cp?
  7. I guess to a certain extent we probably just need to buy a theme with this stuff integrated, trouble is a good percentage of our members are older and fear change. We'd want to keep it looking fairly stock, but just a bit slicker.
  8. These are the bits I like particularly - The grid view filter etc is cool and I think our users would love it. Not having the Unread Content button at the top right has been a sore point for some, Mainly the new look of the two-layer menu is the thing I really like. Ours looks dated in comparison to this so it'd be nice to have.
  9. We're really pleased with 4.2 - It's a nice step forward particularly in terms of features and the revised AdminCP etc. Too early to tell about speed / improved SEO etc, obviously, but hopefully we'll see what others are reporting. One minor thing, though - The theme on this forum is subtly different to our new base theme. Is it available for all, or is it reserved for the IPS forum? There are some really nice features on here that we'd love to integrate.
  10. Where is the setting 'Can Access Admin CP' to be found in IPB4? We have a couple of user groups who aren't administrators but who have access to AdminCP for maintenance tasks. If I make a copy of the Administrators group and move users into it, they lose AdminCP permissions etc. In 3.4 there was a tickbox but I can't find it now...
  11. Do we? What do you think is the problem? I agree about having multiple instances of the widget, this would be very useful for us.
  12. For the moment, we've got it in the header with a carousel advertising some of our forum merchandise but it seems people can only click on the adverts if they are logged in - If logged out, users will get an error message. Is this a setting we've missed?
  13. Oops.. Yeah I meant rotate vertically. Cascade does that, but doesn't show more than one advert. I'd like to see all adverts, but for them to rotate positions.
  14. Okay, just had a play with this on our dev instance. Just one minor point which hopefully you can fix. When in the top area, it will shows all the adverts in a carousel in random rotation and looks great. If I place the widget into the sidebar, it's still using the horizontal width to calculate how many ads to show (and scrolls the ads horizontally). I'd expect them to be stacked above one another and rotate horizontally, is that easily tweaked? I reckon this'd be a killer product if you could sort that.
  15. So this doesn't work in the sidebar? It doesn't state that - The screenshots aren't clear and there's no documentation. Let me know when you've refunded us.
  16. Anyone know how to make the Unread Content view look like it did in 4.0?
  17. Yeah, ours too. All kinds of broken - http://thenorfolkbroads.net
  18. Just an idea for a feature enhancement After upgrade from IPB 3.4.8 to it may be better if the forum didn't re-index and delete ALL image attachments from the uploads folders (with the exception of the last few weeks). The images were (obviously) present at conversion so I assume re-indexing has caused this to happen.
  19. I think we're there. This product needs serious QA time spending on it. I think I'd be fired if I turned out work like this...
  20. Uploads are going into the correct folder, but the forum is linking to them incorrectly...
  21. I've copied the uploads folder to where the forum is calculating the path as. I've removed my (IP Board generated) htaccess as that was seemingly causing issues and now have styled content in the front end and admin CP. We still have broken paths, though...
  22. I've raised a support ticket as this is a critical issue for us.
  23. That hasn't worked. I think half the problem there is that the javascript includes aren't working either (I did correct them when piecing the page together in Chrome though) Is there a field I can edit in the DB or something?
  24. After upgrade of our production site, we just get unstyled content in the community and admin CP The issue seems to be that the application is prefixing the URI for the stylesheet with the board URL- See below. Tweaking it in Chrome dev tools makes the page render properly, as you'd expect. <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://www.thenorfolkbroads.net/forum/http://thenorfolkbroads.net/forum/uploads/css_built_1/341e4a57816af3ba440d891ca87450ff_framework.css.384b534e54e5f4cc02a870044580b9b6.css?v=1b503f2642" media="all"> As this is a production site I really need to fix it now...
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