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  1. everything ok..thanks for yout support adriano
  2. I am not saying that the app is not working, i'm only saying that is causing me some problems. The logo is working in all the forums but is causing problems with other functions. For example: the colour of my group members are turning into white in the main forum and statuses and this is also happening in the default skin. Most of all i need the pro menu and it's interfering with it's function and it's not clickable. This modification causes anomalies to the pro menu and the colours. When i buy something i want to be certain that it works and it does not cause problems in my forums. :smile:
  3. never had any problemes before in my forums over 10 years now for costum or default skin. any way..7 dollars to loose is not the end of the world,, take it as an extra donation for your nice job so manny years you are offering to us adriano..!!! ps..Logo per Forum dos not working to any skin...costum or default. I have disable promenu but the group color steel not display on main forum..so something is worng
  4. hello Enabled the hook all members in the main forum page and statuses change the group color and also some functions (promenu) is not clickeble. It may not work, some other functions that did not happen to see cheers
  5. this is the original code <td align="top" valign="top" width="10%" nowrap="nowrap"> you gave me 2 new codes <td align="top" valign="top" width="10%"> <td align="center" valign="top" width="10%"> i have try both of them..the probleme remains... i am using firefox and chrome.. any way..sorry for keeping bother you..
  6. sorry general nothing has changed...Remains in the same position
  7. hello on these settings>Topic Index Settings Inside First Post Ad Position Option by choosing Right... ...the ad goes to the right center... i want it to be placed to the top rght.. it is possible??
  8. Permissions per group to ghange Post Author?
  9. I am talking about 3.1.4 and i think subscriptions was an official ipb app on 3.1??..
  10. Hello Is it possible to view the subscriptions page as a guest and if yes how can i do that? tnx
  11. sorry i ment if you can make a copy just for me..(3.1.4)
  12. hello it is possible to make a copy for 3.1.4 ?
  13. Hello It is possible to have only shoutbox restrictions in the ACP? I do not have an option just for the online offline settings..Must enable Grant access to System application to do that.. Any help will be nice thanks
  14. Sorry my friend but i have no such an option in my chat settings..
  15. in 2015 they will fix it.. I have pay for chat services and i am not useing it cause this probleme... There are more notices in the chat then messeges..
  16. After installing that hook any member that is on a secondary group with or without an icon and they staring new topic i get this message on top of the forum: Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/myforum/public_html/myforum/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php(3245) : eval()'d code on line 137 It is verry nice hook.. can you give it a check?will be nice if you fix it
  17. I manage to install it without errors.The chmods was on 755 but could not change it from my ftp to 777.I had try that before.. My technician change it from the server cp to 777 and the instalation went ok. But again when i click on the Link from forum navigation redirect me to mydomain/myforum again.. Verry mystery..Forge it any way..If you have another tip ok.If you don't no problem..I don't want money back.. Have a beer on me..
  18. Can i use a script type in the page DawPi?
  19. Sorry i can not do that. I Have install manny hooks and mods so manny years .. I have try manny ways also for this hook.. If you can not give me any more tips it's ok.It is not the and of the world
  20. I Have a probleme.First of all i get this: I have all cache to 777 chmods. Also when i have tab enable and click on it redirects me again to forum index.. I dont know what the issue is and please tell me what the problem comes from so i can give another try..
  21. I don't trust non of my moderators adriano.. So you must have group permisions for that hook... Sorry but this is the truth,and is so nice and cool hook :)
  22. hello i have german and english laguage in my forum how to add this language to the download manager?Just upload the xml file from the Manage Languages - Import Language XML? sorry but i don't know
  23. Does it send an email notification to the member, to let them know they received a new message?
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