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  1. Hi! Due to many Facebook Security and privacy issues and concerns I would like to phase out the Facebook Login. I disabled the possibility to register with Facebook a long time ago. But we still have many users that do not have a password set and facebook the only oAuth2 Provider. My idea/wish is to be able to phase out a Login by forcing the user to set a login password when there is no password set and the Login provider is marked as "deprecated". I don't know if this is something for a Plugin or an Application but I hope you can help me and others out. Latest security issue: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/03/21/tech/facebook-password-database/index.html Thanks Knight
  2. Is it possible to add more then one token for Google Authenticator? And is it planed to add U2F Support?
  3. The thing is that I NEVER EVER enable this switch. We had 3 (three) tickets with them two are critical issues whereof one is still unfixed because there are so many obvious bugs. In this case we are able to circumvent the php memory limit and overfill the servers memory to it's limit. Which fills the servers swap and maybe the servers crashes or it is damn slow. Every time a user is looking at the page where the prepared image is the server is trying to load the poc file we made and crashes again, again and again. There is no possibility to remove the image in the acp. The only option is to find it and remove the link in the database and to hope the attacker won't do it again. This is still unfixed and possible with the GD library btw. PHP security team confirmed that this is a software validation error rather a bug from PHP itself. @Charles @Matt
  4. You mean this answer for my bug?
  5. Same I can only workaround if I switch Last Post limit to unlimited. No user have any secondary groups
  6. Correct Following limitations are currently in place: Daily Limit: 10; Last bump limit: 1440; Last Post limit: 10080
  7. Hey @teraßyte Following Situation: User waits until the (1 day) from the last bump limit is over. If the user tries to bump his topic he gets the message that he have to wait another day (5,759 minutes). If I set the last post limit (1 week) to unlimited the push works. Regards Knight
    Thanks Nice and useful Plugin
  8. Same here. The forum redirects me to for example: https://domain.de/ips4/www.domain.de/ips4/uploads/css_built_1/57573be62f2ddcd8f07e7f577715a518_dashboard.css.592492c9fe839730ac0a0b9e82cbad27.css?v=5da26ccc1b The problem is, if you remove the wrong domain and/or look in the data, there is no file who he wants to load...
  9. Hey I was convinced of it, because the first supporter asked me to write down a feature request to add nginx so i thought it isn't really supported in v4 because v3 worked perfect with my configuration The problem was, that nginx doesn't used the try_files from the / location so there wasn't anything to rewrite for him in my test install ;( Thomas. tells me the obvious solution here I know this solution of apache+nginx but in my case i doesn't need it and you only really need it when customers installs there scrips and didn't want to write it himself Rhett. But thanks for your answer in the ticket and here But what do you think from my second idea because the first is now obvious killed. But now it works - thanks for your great support at night
  10. Hey First i have running my forum with a nginx webserver but with version 4 the SEO url rewriting doesn't work and as i know Google will downvote me if there are so complex url's as it is without the seo ;( Bug report: http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/401-nginx-seo-rewrite-url-rules-r5256/ So please add nginx support as it is an very efficient, small, actual webserver used by every big company. Second i think it would be better to give the incremental zips from the updater the name of the version it includes so no more folders like *(1), *(2), ... Greez, Knight
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