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  1. Correct. I was hoping there was a way to limit the image size. When uploading 5 large images to gallery it brings my server down.
  2. Is there a way to restrict the image file size upload? Gallery is currently not respecting the upload size set in PHP and I'm able to upload multiple images above 5MB. Is there a way to limit the file size?
  3. Thanks. The image that I download via right click is not the original size and that is fine. I don't have a problem with people downloading the images, I have a problem with people downloading the original size.
  4. How do I restrict certain groups from downloading images in gallery? Right now everyone including guest can download images from Gallery. I want to restrict download to certain groups only.
  5. Thanks is there a way to style the quick menu fontawesome to include a color style like this > style="color:red" ? I have fa-spin and it works, but not a color style
  6. Why are there 2 "titles"?
  7. @Heosforo thanks for the updated theme. The quick sticky menu is a fantastic add on. If I may suggest, showing a small icon / logo on the sticky bar on the side or a center logo? The height seems perfect, so maybe a 40 x 40 logo size might work or if it was in the center with a drop shadow, then 80 x 80? Some options to disable footer on mobile would be useful as well. Right now, it's showing too much on mobile.
  8. Fantastic support. The theme is damn near perfect. I have to remember to clear cache next time. Everything is working. I'm still getting "One of your themes is not compatible with the version you are upgrading to because it includes modifications to templates and/or CSS files which this version needs to update."
  9. Thanks mate, just tested it. My slider lost the opacity after I changed it to 0. When I put it to 100, its not showing me a shade. I'm guessing this is 0 to 100%? Can the premium block have an opacity toggle as well? The stick profile block toggle is a great idea, but I can't get it to work. I disabled it, but its still sticky. I'm trying to upgrade to 4.3.5 and I'm getting the error below. Is it safe to upgrade?
  10. Yes it affects profiles with low content. I notice the footer is about 488px height, so actually there is enough clearance to avoid the issue.
  11. Thanks mate, the mobile logo works perfect. The sticky blocks is not working. I don't know how to explain this. The sticky profile bar is stuck and I cannot scroll all the way to the bottom. Some profile works and some don't for some reason. Something to consider for the future, slider shader opacity setting, the slider shader a bit too dark. Easily fixed through css, but if there was an option in the theme settings, would be helpful.
  12. Will the theme work with?
  13. I'm still setting it up. So far I found the logo when on mobile, it will be stretched. The profile page looks excellent and the stick sidebar is fantastic. I think once the sidebar reaches the footer, it should not overlap the footer, rather it anchors at the footer so the footer won't get blocked. What do you think? This is a suggestion to consider - Top post banner will go away after member logs in, maybe enable normal slider if toggle is set to enable? Both sliders look good and useful, just thinking how to incorporate both.
  14. Thanks mate, that fixed it ? I will test out the other stuff later.
  15. Now the normal slider image is missing even though I uploaded it. I disabled slider 2 to 7, but its still showing a black slide. You can see it here - https://exxoz.com/ When I choose "which slider" and choose database articles, it won't show anything. Do I have to create another plugin instead of top post? I noticed in your Mind theme, the moving lines color can be changed, will this be in future releases? But good to see I can change the image of the slider easily now. The footer Links title and Description still doesn't update when I change it in back end. Also I think the Links height between each other is too high. When I updated the theme, it also over wrote my logo etc. Is that normal?
  16. Minor error here, should be second slide.
  17. No worries, I'll just backup the code. Thanks mate, I'll test it out now.
  18. When I update will it over write custom CSS? I have some customisation in there
  19. It looks fine on the computer. Only on mobile it looks terrible. Shouldn't the image scale when on mobile? The footer header and description cannot be changed.
  20. Can you have a look at the site directly? - https://exxoz.com/ The site logo and the images do not scale when on mobile. The logo and the images get squashed and they look cartoonish.
  21. Would it be possible to have the premium banner section as well as Top post block? It seems kinda wasted to have to choose between one right now. Both are great options to have in the banner section.
  22. That's great! I will test it out later.
  23. Some issues I'm facing. I created a Top posts block plugin using the documentation. How do I change the image? Is there a way to reduce the sliders? I only need maybe 3. When I tested on mobile, the slider image is smashed, please see attached file.
    Great theme. However is there a way to customize the Header posts?
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