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  1. It would be very useful if the user could define a custom title for the "Latest Records"-Block especially when there are more than one block on the page. A simple text-field would do the trick... this also applies for the "Record Feed"-Block
  2. ​You would really move to another plattform (which won't receive any new features because they are already working on 2.0) because of this? But before you leave, here's a plugin which will disable the ajax pagination disable ajax pagination.xml
  3. Really? You mind to share some examples?
  4. Browse Store was a hardcoded text and it's already fixed for the next beta. Community Calendar is the title of the calendar. You can change it your ACP => community => calendars
  5. ​That's correct, but there are always some exceptions (e.g. to reproduce bugs ) I also ask for a ticket if somebody complains that much and submits several bugreports like @wimg , because it's easier and faster to visit his board, to get a own view of his problems. And sorry for confusions, i'm a staff member http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/403931-bug-tracker-reports-showing-fixed-by-regular-user/ with an incognito account.
  6. If you don't mind, please submit a ticket in the client area with the url,ftp and ACP data to your testboard and i'll be happy to take, to see what went wrong
  7. ​You can't change external links e.g. coming from Google Search Results or links from other pages
  8. You can change the settings of the Standard Logn Handler in your ACP => System => Login Handlers
  9. You can use the "Forum Statistics" Widget for this.
  10. You can also use following feature to add a Link: ACP => System => General Configuration => "Add a custom link to navigation bar"
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