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  1. Amazing! Thank you! ? I was using the disableIn incorrectly. I had it set to: <div id='elWrapper'> <div id='elStickyElement' data-ipsSticky disableIn='none'> </div> </div>
  2. Trying to get the header to be sticky when scrolling, adding data-ipsSticky works but not on mobile devices. Is this intentional? Is there a way to make it work on mobile devices as well? Thanks ?
  3. Any way to add the "Category" badge instead of "Pinned" or "Featured" to say which category the article is posted in, I know where to edit the template file but I don't know the IPS/PHP for it. Also, if there is a conditional statement for checking if it's a certain category? ie {{if $category == reviews }} Thanks
  4. Is it possible to add multiple badges / group icons under the user's display picture, for example how on this site, the staff can have the "IPS Staff" and "Contributor" image.
  5. Sorry for replying to an old post but hopefully you're still open to some suggestions - love the plugin, purchased recently and has made it much easier for me to display articles but kind of struggling with modifying the html to get the layout I want (see attachment).
  6. So I purchased Swiper Slider, got it installed and running, however the "Auto" width does not adjust automatically to the container of the Dreadnought theme (1340px), it's always full width unless I set a custom width, but then it's no longer responsive.
  7. Wish I knew this earlier would have saved a headache! lol thanks for letting me know, will buy the swiper slider shortly. Quick question, is there an option to hide the theme switcher for users, I just want the Dreadnought theme to be default for everyone and not allow switching, sorry I'm new to IPS - I can probably just remove the code from the template but just wondering if there is a setting for it somewhere.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Would this be possible in a future update or something? For now I've found a temporary solution by checking the URL if it contains a news article then hide the .ta_themeSlider div all together. This works but there is still the initial flash of the slider rendering then disappearing, maybe someone with more JavaScript knowledge can find a way to hide it before it renders? For anyone else who's having the same issue, I've used the code below: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { if (window.location.href.indexOf("news") != -1) { $(".ta_themeSlider").hide(); } }); </script>
  9. Is there a way to hide the slider when viewing an article / database record but have it display on the main page? I have a homepage right now where the slider is displaying news articles from Pages, however the slider is still there when viewing / reading the article, as well as posting a new article. Thank you
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