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  1. Hello! I went to log into my forums today and recieved an incorrect password error. Thought this was odd so decided to try a different user, same thing. I'm not sure if for some reason I'm just IP blocked, or was hacked but I can't log in with any users. I'm running IP Board 3.x and my email sending through the forums hasn't worked for months. Tried to get this resolved with support and my server, but no solution was found. Anyone know what I can do? Or possibly hire for this? Thank you in advance! PS: I understand this is an old out of date unsupported version. I can explain more later.
  2. ​Kind of thinking the same thing. My thoughts were regarding the passwords, and how they are stored in wordpress. I'm thinking Wordpress encodes the passwords differently than IPB, and once the plugin is deactivated it doesn't recognize the password I type through WP. Are you saying if I disabled the api, and all other info on IPB side, and deactivated the WP plugin than it may work? I never did anything on the IPB side, only WP.
  3. Hello! I have been using the plugin since Marcher developed it, and have finally updated to this new one. It all seems to work as expected, but I came across one problem. When I disable the plugin, and try to log in to Wordpress, Wordpress acts like my user, or password does not exist. I am still able to sign into IPB. Once I re-activate the plugin, I am able to login to Wordpress again. Any ideas why Wordpress doesn't recognize my user, or password after deactivating? Thanks!
  4. Hey Joriz, Any ideas on what the regex needs to be to accommodate a link with modal=true? Here is what the link looks like when a member tries to embed: http://instagram.com/p/s9wegfwoMv/?modal=true/embed/ This just create a large blank box. Thanks!
  5. This mod stopped working for me. Any ideas on what needs fixing? EDIT: @Joriz thanks for the tip! Your code seems to work!
  6. Confirmed Wordpress 4.0 issue when I upgraded my test server.
  7. Any ideas on how to get this to work with the short youtube playlist link? Works well with the normal link.
  8. Hey Marcher, a question regarding what you mentioned above. 1. If the user logs into Wordpress via Wordpress' login form located at http://www.domain.com/wp-login.php should they be redirected to the page they were previously on? Currently when logging in on my site via the Wordpress URL I get redirected to the IP community.
  9. Hey PIn, how much would you charge to add ipblog comments to this? Loviing this add on, thanks!
  10. I've had this same issue all along. User logs in on Wordpress and gets redirected to forum. User logs out on Wordpress, gets redirected to forum, and then must logout of there. Not sure if it is intended that they must logout on the forum as well, but that is how mine works.
  11. Thanks again for the quick response! Just to clarify one last time, I see this option in the image supplied: Show Sidebar Block: Enables/disables the “News Feed” sidebar block on the board index page. I assume this isn't the option you are talking about though, because I'm looking for a sidebar on the actual News Feed page.
  12. No problem, and thank you for the response! I have a quick question: I could have sworn I saw a site running this app with a sidebar on the feed page, like the ip.board community page sidebar. Is this a supported option, to run a sidebar on the right with things like recent topics, posts, etc?
  13. Do you offer any customizations for this, should I contact you via PM? I'm not sure on the appropriate place for this type of question! Thanks.
  14. I'm 100% in favor for this. I would prefer an IPS made app. Just because I think it can be polished and would like IPS support, but since it's not something in the works I'll probably jump for one of the custom apps. FACT: New members don't like navigating forums. I can understand that. It's a hassle, especially with multiple apps. Most people like to scroll brainlessly until something catches their eye - just like watching TV. That's the way it works. The way users find new information to interact with currently is far inferior to the vast majority of users. Most of my members have never seen, used, or understand the View New Content button. If it isn't intuitive within three seconds and one page load, your potential new members are probably going back into their facebook groups to discuss your topic. Not that I believe we should cater to everyone, but I think it's something that should be thought about in these times. Some communities have different needs, and a feed among other social-y things would broaden the IPS customer base quite a bit I imagine. edit: Just to be clear, I think users should be able to directly reply to threads on the feed, blog entries, and possibly create new topics from this feed. Expanding divs "See more" to accommodate long content, the option to set the feed as the default community / log-in page, and the whole enchilada. I'll pre-pay for mine. :D
  15. I completely understand. Looking forward to it in a future release!
  16. Hey Marcher, I may be wrong on this, but I thought someone previously asked if it was possible to pull the IPB header to Wordpress for login, notifications, etc.? Is this at all possible? It would be awesome if it was!
  17. I'm running Wordpress 3.8 without any issues. I haven't upgraded to 3.8.1 yet, but I believe that update is mainly bug fixes.
  18. Hmm, I'm not having that issue at all. Login seems to be working fine for me. Maybe it's another plugin, or add-on?
  19. I wish their was. They just have to use the "lost password" link when they try to login, and reset their password. If I understand correctly, no password is ever stored in the IPB database, so I don't see how there could ever be a conversion. I wish I would've known this earlier, I would of never had the option for my users to sign up with social media.
  20. What issues are you having? I'm running WP 3.8 and IPB 3.4.6, and haven't noticed anything. I know I couldn't get it to work with any social media logins (FB, Twitter, Google). I don't know about Steam though.
  21. I'm running 3.8, and haven't noticed any issues.
  22. I noticed two issues when running this on your Maxx dark theme. 1. The notification is very small when viewing on a desktop 2. My mobile does not seem to look 100% responsive. When I resize my browser everything seems to look responsive, but on my phone it does not look the same. Here's what it looks like on mobile
  23. I do not see anywhere about it being responsive, and was going to install the responsive framework he has in the marketplace. Are there any issues with it on mobile? I am running an older version of theme, and it is not responsive.
  24. Hi Ajouz, This may have already been asked, but the thread is quite long. Is this theme responsive right now?
  25. I'm hoping the @mention feature will work across all apps.
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