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  1. invested appropriately, you might be able to draw a reasonable income off that amount, so I'd look to do that. Getting paid but not having to work. I could find plenty of things to do with my time :)
  2. Hi guys I've got a forum where membership is limited to local practitioners. We ask a bunch of questions on our registration page that help us determine if people applying are appropriate - every membership is manually approved. I get a reasonable number of spam requests, and have always wondered what the best combination of ban, flag as spammer, and delete is. In the past I have just deleted the account, but wonder if there is a better way? Should I mark as spam first, then delete? Does it not really matter?
  3. I'd definitely be interested in such a customisation and would be willing to pay for it. On the desktop, I think arranging thumbnails in a grid works really well.
  4. Thank you. I've discovered all the hooks which will help me arrange content nicely. As for the tag cloud, I'll await the next update :) Cheers
  5. Thanks Marcher for an excellent application :) Couple of observations/suggestions - my apologies if these capabilities are in the application (still exploring and tweaking). 1) When adding a link, tags are requested, but there doesnt appear to be a sidebar hook for a tag cloud 2) is there a way to arrange links on the main page similar to how website showcase sites do it (e.g., http://thedesigninspiration.com/category/websites/) Cheers Gareth
  6. +1 I too have found the Mandrill integration a great addition to my site.
  7. Love this hook - any chance of having "list view - upcoming" and list view - recently added" as view options? I realise sorting options are available, but these options pretty much cover our needs.
  8. I too like many of the features of discourse - especially a focus on posts, rather than categories.
  9. Thanks Michael - either that or some changes to IP.Content fixed the problem
  10. I have a customised skin - when I return my forum to original IPB skin I get the following message re: videos system - Fatal error: Call to a member function menu() on a non-object in /nfs/c01/h06/mnt/8815/domains/phf.net.au/html/community/admin/applications_addon/other/videos/sources/functions.php on line 83 Could someone please help me identify how to fix this?
  11. Good stuff - thanks Michael Are you getting thumbnails at your end?
  12. Fantastic - thank you very much :smile:
  13. Great application - loaded it this weekend and stocking site up with youtube videos. Any chance of supporting embedding of videos from the TED website? - www.ted.com - a lot of content on that site relevant to my community. Cheers Gareth
  14. Gareth F


    Unfortunately my newsletter went out with the same index.phptopic error. Strange cause the preview is fine.
  15. Gareth F


    Thanks Headstand - I have a newsletter going out in a couple of days. will report back.
  16. Gareth F


    No probs - I always expect family will come first :smile: If it is of any help, when I preview the newsletter, the extra "index.phptopic" is not present. Something that is added when it is sent?
  17. Gareth F


    Any news on the "index.phptopic" bug that seems to be affecting a few of us?
  18. Does this recognise permissions, such that events added by an adminstrator are added to aforum whereas events posted by members are not?
  19. Gareth F


    I am getting the same error - an issue of my newsletter went out today with the same "index.phptopic" section and none of the links work
  20. Gareth F


    Hi Ben - I always put myself (administrator) as the author of the newsletter.
  21. Gareth F


    fantastic - thank you. Any chance of having an option with the date format. mm/dd is unusual in Australia. So much so that a recent newsletter recipient noted that the upcoming events were in "American" format. Thanks developer for being responsive to requests and updates.
  22. Gareth F


    Another question - one of my newsletters takes content from IP.Content articles. It does not display any of the formatting though (e.g., hyperlinks, underlining, bolding). Can it be set up to include this formatting?
  23. Gareth F


    Just a quick question - if a newsletter is scheduled to send but there is no new content - does it send anyway?
  24. Gareth F


    Cool - I think i will try to work with a really simple template that is happy across multiple email programs. Now where did I put that CSS book? ps - that upgrade fixed the events issue - thanks
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