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  1. EROAN

    Radical Tags

    Hi, updated to IPBoard 4.5 and last radical tags version, everything went smoothly that's nice. But I still have an issue : when a guest clicks on "new content" button (with registration allowed later), the tags field does not show. (?do=add parameters after a forum url). For this reason, most of new members create posts that don't have tags. Could you activate tags and prefixes rules on guests new posts ? Thanks.
  2. EROAN

    Radical Tags

    Bought and installed today in replacement of Advanced Tags & Prefixes. It took 3 minutes to make it work, I thought I would have to run through conversion steps but no, it works as this. Thanks very much for developing this plugin, I couldn't have updated the forums to last version without it. For those who hesitate, don't 😉
  3. Can you please confirm it works with 4.3.x ?
  4. Any news here concerning the compatibility with ipb 4.2.8 ??
  5. I'm having this issue since the last 5 or 6 last upgrades or Advanced tags prefixes ! To upgrade the only way is to upload manually the files in the archive, than run the ipb upgrade system and checking the plugin checkbox. The automatic upgrade via the admin panel always fails with this same message.
  6. Hi, I need it to work with 4.1.19 too, thanks for your hard work on fixing the issue !
  7. Hi, is is still working with 4.1.16 ? Thanks.
  8. I finally succeeded in upgrading by uploading the files manually (unzipping the archive), then upgrading IPB to the last 4.1.9 version. It was buggy to death but I finally succeeded and everything works... So AD&P works with the last version. I hope next upgrades will go better :/ Thankls again for your excellent plugin, the only one I've been keeping for more than 5 years now...
  9. Hi, is that still working with release 4.1.9 ? There has been updates on tag searching system, just want to be sure... thanks. P.S : stil cannot update, I'm blocked with 3.1.2 and have the error message on update :
  10. Trying to update from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 on IPS 4.1.7 shows me this message : 1C133/9 The application you uploaded cannot be installed because it is not a valid application, the archive is corrupt or the file and directory permissions in /applications do not allow it. And my /applications directory is in 777 recursive...
  11. Is the plugin working with the last release ? I'lm installing and am seeing massive conversions for tags. No issue there ?
  12. There should be a way to define a "default" tab where submenu would be displayed. Because there are areas where no submenu is shown, this is too bad...
  13. By my side it was template related, if it can help... Creating a new default one made the issue disappear.
  14. +1 for the 500 error, nothing works here ! Each time I modify a base template errors blocks everything. Act fast !!
  15. I'll wait for the compatibility confirmation, too ;)
  16. Thanks, it was in fact an issue of case-sensitive prefixes. The thing is my prefixes included capitals, the migration converted everything to lowercase... Thanks for your excellent plugin !
  17. Hi, I've been usig your plugin since IPS 3 with prefixes (no tags). When I migrated following the normal steps, the prefixes got transformed into tags. Now I have tags for old topics, and prefixes for the new created on IPS 4. You can see an example enclosed, where there are tags instead of prefixes. Is there a way to mass convert those tags into the corresponding prefixes ? Even info PHPmyadmin ? Thanks.
  18. Hi, does it work with the new 3.3.1 ? Thanks.
  19. Found. IPB update had checked "Disable Tagging Ability" in members permissions :/
  20. I need an answer quick please. Only administrator and moderators can see the prefixes dropdown menu on topic creation pages. All membres have an error saying "please select a topic prefix" but it doesn't show !
  21. Yes, me ! although I installed the last version. Please help !
  22. Thanks. The sooner will be the best... Your hook is the only reason why I can't update ;)
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