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  1. Demo?

    It's been quiet a while since I last used IPB and was hoping I could try out all the new features and what not, unfortunately the demo setup always seems to be full. Any ideas on how I can manage to test one new IPB install?
  2. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    Not that I've noticed. Firefox and Photoshop CS5 run just fine. Not sure about CS4.
  3. Mac or Ubuntu?

    Mac OS X definitely. I made the switch like a week ago and I love it. :)
  4. Kier's new forum script: Xenforo

    Have things changed or am I still old school? I thought competitive software discussions weren't allowed here. By the way, XenForo is coming out perfect, it's a simple and super quick forum system, nothing else. None of that fancy blogging, albums and all that bloating that you really don't need in a forum, IMO. :P
  5. iWork or Office?

    If you're really moving all to Apple... What's the point of having Microsoft stuff? ;) Just go for your iWork. :P
  6. iPhone 4 - The Most Overrated yet

    I'm sorry, but I really have to put this in here:
  7. Hey man! How has it been? Long time no talk!

  8. Nooo, now people will say Mac is also better at gaming! What is the world coming to?! :P
  9. Make sure in the BIOS you put the hard drive to IDE mode instead of SATA, Windows XP does not include the SATA drivers therefore it won't load by default. I used to have the same problem the other day, I had forgotten about it. After doing that, you should have no problem booting Windows XP.
  10. Ticket Response Time?

    Yeah, after making the purchase it seems it created me a new account with the e-mail I used, so I cannot change this account e-mail. I guess I'll open another ticket and request the automated account to be deleted and this one to be put as a customer with the e-mail corrected.
  11. Hi, I was just wondering what's the average response time on tickets? I have made two tickets after purchasing IPB over 24 hours ago and have yet to receive a response. This are not support tickets but simply requesting the IP.Content discount offered when purchasing the IPB and IP.Content together, as well as receiving my customer status on the forum.
  12. Order activations?

    Thought so, I didn't see that post though, thank you.
  13. Order activations?

    Hello, I was just wondering if today 1st IPS is going through order activations or are they taking it as a holiday? Thanks
  14. Hello, The IP.Board and IP.Content discount is not actually working when trying to make the order, even thought it does display as a 10% discount when you select both products for ordering. I would like to order but would like to have this discount honored on my order. Regards
  15. Jump from vBulletin to IPBoard

    vBulletin 4 Gold has been released. Any ETA on the updated converter? I'm looking to switch to IPB.