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  1. I use adsense, however I noticed that the default advertisement options in IPB 4 do not let me comply with Google Adsense unless I manually define my own locations. Ideally I want to use these two options: But I can't because any error page I happen to get will always display these two ad locations above and below the error message which is in violation of google's adsense policy: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1346295#Ad_limit_per_page Please give us a "Show on Error Pages" option as an advertising location so that I can uncheck it.
  2. I'm really interested in how following and preventing followers will work for guest viewing. If someone prevents a user from following them, couldnt that blocked user simply log off and still view that member's complete profile and all content? Or would unfollowing only be effective if we have all profiles blocked by default to guests? Will will have administrator options to allow certain fields of the profile be viewable based on user group? I would prefer to set status updates as not viewable to guests. Friend only albums could be viewed by friends, but if friends are now replaced with followers will we now have a new gallery option that changes those galleries to be viewable only by users that are mutually following each other?
  3. Excellent news! I just renewed my purchase. ^_^ I'm really looking forward to the new update for IPS4.
  4. Thank you. I submitted a ticket. Ticket #116941
  5. Those are the settings I have now, so I tried changing them to different combinations but it made no difference. I hard refreshed the page each time. I even restarted firefox with all add ons disabled and this still happens. I've had the slider fail to load on 2 different computers and that other member that mentioned the problem. But this only affects firefox in all instances. Sometimes the slider works fine, but if I ctrl-F5 to hard refresh, half the time the slider fails to load. Its very odd that it only happens to firefox.
  6. Hi, I have another problem. I've had issues with the slider not loading the images correctly in firefox. I thought it was just me, but another member has pointed it out to me. I use the ipcontent settings and I have a feeling its an issue with the size of the images that we use in it. If they are too large, firefox doesn't seem to load the slider images, but in other browsers they are fine. Also, depending on if I am logged in or not will also affect if the slider loads correctly in firefox. I don't have this problem with chrome or internet explorer.
  7. Gallery v5.0.5 http://www.ancientclan.com/topic/12942-testing-my-media-posts/
  8. I've come across an issue with the dark skin. When I insert a gallery image from My Media into a post, the resulting image has a large white box with the image details when its clicked on, causing the text to be difficult to read.
  9. I have another question.. Is it possible to get the entire slider image to be a link to the article?
  10. I recently changed my slider settings to "IP.Content articles" from "Manual" because it is much more convenient. However, I liked the moving images in the Manual setting. Is there a way to get the images to move like that with it set for "IP.Content articles"?
  11. Excellent update! Both skins are looking great. ^_^
  12. Thank you! That fixed the links for ip.content and forum posts. Looks good now. I added a color to my links to make them stand out more. ^_^ .bbc_url{ text-decoration:underline !important; color: #fffeab !important; }
  13. I have another bug to report. When I use "My Media" and select a "Gallery Album" to attach into a post, the description of the gallery is added to the signature line instead of in the box with the gallery.
  14. Thank you, that looks much better. ^_^
  15. Would it be possible to change the white border colors for albums and images?
  16. Thank you for letting me know. I'm following the download to see when it gets updated. Thanks. ^_^
  17. Is this mod working correctly? I see the last update for the file was Jan 28 2013. I'm interested in getting it.
  18. Thank you! That fixed the blog issue. :D I also noticed the following issue, the background color of tags seems to blend in with the background color. Its fine when the mouse is hovering over it, but without hovering it blends right in: Hovering: Normal:
  19. I upgraded my site to the newest ipb release and your new dark skin. 3.4.3 has some issues that some people might think are a skin problem, but are fixed in these kb articles: https://www.invisionpower.com/support/kb As for you new version of maxx skin (dark), its working pretty good for me. The performance mode works great too! I have noticed one issue off hand tho. When viewing blogs, the top navigation and view new content buttons are misaligned: Normal: Viewing blogs:
  20. Hey Ajouz, build 3 is a great update and fixes quite a lot! Thank you. I have three bugs to report. 1) As it is now all links are white and look like the rest of the text in a post. How can I change the color of links to a gold color? The circled text in this pic is a link. Most people would miss it unless they hovered over it with their mouse. 2) The highlight color is the same color as the background color in quotes. In this picture the bottom line is actually highlighted so it can be right clicked and copied, but its hard to tell if you are selected the correct text. 3) When attaching images from my media the mouseover color of images is very bright and blends in with the font color.
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