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  1. After the latest update pictures are no longer resized on mobile themes... or is it just me?
  2. Folks, maybe I'm blind... can't find a way to change members names and Email adresses... Please help me out OK. :facepalm: Found it, sorry...
  3. Chameleon Dark // ipsfocus.com View File Chameleon by ipsfocus Chameleon Dark is an adaptive skin which uses semi-transparent "frosted glass" content boxes, allowing your background image to partially show through. This allows you to easily customize the genre of the theme by changing only the background image. The header collapses on-scroll, and stays at the top of the screen for easy access. Themes features Theme Settings Easily enable, disable or modify theme features such as background images, logos, social media links
  4. As I am running ipboard version 3.3.4 the update pack will not work for me unfotunately. Can you show me what needs to be adjusted in the templates? Thanks mate! :)
  5. Err.. Sorry to ask one additional thing. :unsure: When using this skin on mobile devices (tested on iPad and TabletPC) I am getting following error in the navigation bar: It looks like the quick navigation forces the other tabs to make a break somehow. Do you have any idea how this can be adjusted? I already tried to resize the logo, but it did not change anything unfortunately. Thanks again, any help is much appreciated. >_<
  6. Yes - thats all I needed to adjust. Cheers, mate! :thumbsup:
  7. Hello, thanks for this beautiful skin. I installed it running forums software version 3.3.4. Two questions: 1) What in detail needs to be done to get the quick search re-styled (see problem above stated by 3DKiwi). The newest release of the skin does not work with my forum (3.3.4) 2) Where can I change the color of the font when reading posts? Actually it is kind of grey, I want a lighter color instead. Thanks for any help ang regards, PB
  8. Wonderful skin - I really like the possibility to adjust the font and size of the font. One question though: How can I adjust the color of the area to type in and the color of the shouts which are displayed from the Shoutbox (SB background color)? I am running SB version 1.3.3 and ipboard version 3.3.4, Thanks for any help! :)
  9. Yes Ajouz, we found all the settings for it. Thanks for the (future) update. :) Cheers!
  10. Thanks a ton, the hint with the "author_info" was correct. In detail it was the "maxx-message,.author_info" inside the "pb_styles.css" (for anybody who needs to change that, too). THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :smile:
  11. EDIT once more: I managed to fix everything so far, found a lot of help in the MAXX Dark thread for it. Only thing which I want to change is the following two things... 1) How to change the icons in the alternative sub header? Where are those hidden? " alt="5zloh.jpg"> 2) How to remove the frame around the avatar? It is too big and the text is shifted due to the frame. Any help is highly appreciated. :) Thanks a lot!
  12. EDIT: I mnaged to change the logo. There have been some informations in the MAXX dark skin thread... But when klicking on "Store", "Members" and "View new Content" it looks wrong. Somebody knows what to do please (see screenshots below to see what I mean)? Correct logo: Incorrect on "Store", "Members" and "View new Content": And still I need to change everything in the "Ask", "Answer" and "Ask an Expert" categories, please see above. Thanks!
  13. Hello Ajouz, same here. Your inbox is full. I will place my question here instead, maybe somebody else can help me, too. To be honest: I am a noob in those things. Searched everywhere but did not find a solution yet... I have two questions as I want to change some things in the header. Please see following screenshot: " alt="6wpyN.jpg"> 1) How can I add a logo here? What is the path for it ta add a logo or what needs to be changed to show it? 2) How can I change the "Ask", "Answer" and "Ask an Expert" categories? I want to change the picture, the title, the URL of the button
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