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  1. My apologies for asking, but how do I change the nav button and page title "Open Applications" to "Personnel Actions"?
  2. @Fosters hope all is well, not sure if your around this time of year or not.
  3. Fosters, anyway to have a "remove all other secondary groups" check option when "Add user into secondary groups". I need to have certain all other secondary groups removed when adding to specific secondary groups.
    Works on a shared host!!! This is big...many small guilds are faced with nickel and diming already, so having an app that requires a dedicated host really hinders the little guy. Still priced a little high for my tastes, its worth it to me. Plus, the developer is hands on all the way. Responds quickly, very help and from what I have read listens to his buyers. I highly recommend this app, and it's only going to get better.
    Any gaming community admin would love to have this app. This app and many of fosters others makes administration of member less painful, so you have more time for gaming. Fosters responds quickly and ready to help.
  4. I like the app and team...apps that change to the needs of the clients = Wonderful!!! Now I havent read all posts so my apologizes. Here are my suggestions: 1. Email and edit function seem buggy - I get other members and seems random 2. Need the option to delete the apps from the viewer in ACP. 3. Approve application from forum post or other front end function. 4. Have the option for other groups to be able to approve application via forum post or other front end function. I love the app so far and it can be improved. On my site the background and front color makes it hard to read, option or light or Dark background with opposing font colors would help clients that don't have the perfect theme. I will be on the edge of my seat for future updates, the suggestions and other member manage apps make admin of a gaming community easier (we like to game sometimes too) RottenX
  5. What files and tables do I need to remove in order to do a fresh install? Don't like giving that type of access if I can help it. And I have both the original and the latest beta apps installed, but only have one enabled at a time. I think it would be best to uninstall and remove everything and do a fresh install then see whats up.
  6. Since 1.0.0 Beta I have had two major issues that are not going away with subsequent patches. 1. TSViewer is not displaying correctly, if you use [space_0]_ to create lines, they break out side, and non of the structure is there, displayed as a list. Also with TSViewer after you edit the setting for the block you cant not change them, if you remove it and replace the values go to default and are not changeable. 2. Registration page broken if you have UIID required and on displayed on registration page.
  7. Just a thought, cause this app is becoming the best TeamSpeak integration app I have every seen. Could it be possible to have the alert message, poke/kick/ban accessible from the front end for admins?
  8. That was it thanks, was looking for it in the account settings. BTW it's looking good and my members are very happy with it. This is a must for gaming guilds.
  9. I have an issue where the UIID tab is not showing up, I have to go back to 1.0.9. in order to get it to show.
  10. 1. Your earlier version sync the member when their group was changed, can we not have this as an option? We have an application process and once approved it automatically changes their usergroup and we would want it to change their group in TS as well. 2. Understand 3. We have determined that it could be self induced, we are running test and will let you know on this. Thanks for the quick response.
  11. Awesome work Ahmad... Very nice. I love the introduction of TS admin controls from cp. I no its alpha and not sure where to put our feedback: 1. Resync on group or member change. When you change a groups TS group or change an assigned members group, wither automatic or manual it doesn't resync TS after said action. Is this know and or something you are working. Suggest a "Resync All" until those functions are inplace. 2. TS viewer: we use [*spacer0]_ in order to create division, it doesn't show the line. 3. TS Viewer: could we have the option for the connect button? New people will not know to click on the channel they want to join (which is really cool), we are also running into an issue where clicking on a channel does nothing for some people. Overall great work, very happy I purchased this app.
  12. Can't wait...this is the last app I need.
    Ok, my first review was slanted due to issues self inflicted. This is a must for any proper gaming community that wants efficiency and let its officers game instead of admining all the time. The developer was quick to respond and assist me with my issues. I love his willingness to listen to our suggestions, most devs make what they make and thats it. This is one app I wont give up on, our members love the fact if they have to reload TS their permission are reinstated, also the fact that admins can change members groups and the corresponding TS3 group will be assigned. I will be following this app as it is paramount to my clans functionality. RottenX
  13. UPDATE It was a flood ban that was causing the issue, just wasn't for sure do to the logs. But during another test with the viewer off I was able to get a 3331 flood ban error. Added ip to white list and fixed.
  14. Hello I have been in pm with Ahmad and he has been very helpful but I am not sure what to do now and want to see if anyone else has had this issue. I keep getting this AdminCP>Community>TeamSpeak>Tools: 0 The connection to the TS3 Server failed with the following error: invalid reply from the server and here are some line form the ts server log 8/11/2016 13:57:24 VirtualServerBase Info query client disconnected 'admin'(id:4) reason 'reasonmsg=disconnecting' 8/11/2016 13:57:27 VirtualServer Info query client connected 'admin from xx.xxx.xx.xxx:xxxxx'(id:4) 8/11/2016 13:57:27 VirtualServerBase Info query client disconnected 'admin'(id:4) reason 'reasonmsg=disconnecting' 8/11/2016 13:57:33 VirtualServer Info query client connected 'admin from xx.xxx.xx.xxx:xxxxx'(id:4) 8/11/2016 13:57:33 VirtualServerBase Info query client disconnected 'admin'(id:4) reason 'reasonmsg=connection lost' Has anyone else seen this or knows what else to look for?
  15. I did get an answer on the skinbox.net site. Me: Once updated will I be able to download from IPS Marketplace? Olivier: Yes. So for those wondering the same question I had, yes if you bought the skin through IPS Market, once the skin is updated it will be posted here for those that bought here. Olivier keep up the good work and we look forward to the update. Thanks.
  16. Is there no more support on this item?
  17. Is there an estimated date on 3.2 compatibility for the Warrior Skin?
  18. This will be supported for those that purchased it here, correct?
  19. Is there a way to add a free subscription? I use paypal only, and when I create a package with $0.00 cost the transaction can not complete. I would like an automatic way to provide a free trial package. Also, how do I make the subscription a one time only? Thanks, for cont. the work on this app, hope to see more.
  20. Excellent hook, can't wait. Keep up the good work.
  21. Thanks, I went back to the site and found the status. Looks like the are very close to release...
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