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  1. Yep, looks like a bug in the query. Date is not a known column.
  2. euantor

    4.0 - Tables

    Looks awesome. Only issue I have is all the backslashes for namespaces, but that's inevitable without a ton of aliases.
  3. Please no. If you're going to use a framework, please use something like inuit.css that lets you make your own decisions about style.
  4. Fair enough, should probably have read more I guess before jumping the gun.
  5. So from this, one can assume the autoloader and namespacing isn't going to be PSR-0 compliant? Judging purely by the directory structure of course.
  6. Yes! SEO is already pretty great though certain URL formats have always irked me. 3.4 is sounding just amazing so far.
  7. Wow, really glad to hear this. I just ran out of my MaxCDN 1GB allowance so I'll likely use this. Is there any chance it'll be accessible by outside applications (such as those connected via SSO)?
  8. euantor


    Thanks very much :) I might be considering a purchase after my car's service (if all goes well with it that is).
  9. euantor


    Just a heads up, it isn't "arn't", it's "aren't" :P Any chance you could post any proper screenshots rather than tiny previews? I like to see a proper screenshot before I consider buying anything.
  10. Great to hear this. I always wondered why the features weren't core anyway as it's just another thing to remember and upgrade.
  11. I believe I do, though I am new to IPS and may be grasping the wrong end of the stick concerning anything relating to the actual software.
  12. There are plenty on why MD5 is bad: http://blog.cloudfla...ying-up-to-date http://codahale.com/...ore-a-password/ Then there's also sites like this: http://www.md5-hash.com/md5-hashing-decrypt/
  13. Exactly. A lot of systems are using considerably outdated password storage mechanisms.
  14. Given the power of modern machines and the fact you can use your GPU these days to handle tasks like this as well as the CPU, 2^64 really isn't that un-reachable as you might think.
  15. I guess I am. I get mixed up with terminology sometimes ;) I know socket files are preferred to the traditional IP:port setup and that's why I always use them.
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