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  1. What is holding me back is Classifieds and Member Map. I need Classifieds, and I hope I still don,t have to wait many months.
  2. Anyone know the html code needed to insert a new theme?
  3. Thank you, I bought this one now, also in respect of the developer.
  4. What is the difference between this one and the free one: Links Directory 4.0.0 ?
  5. Classifieds is worth the money. :smile:
  6. It seems to be impossible to edit conditions in one ad? When try to edit and set other conditions nothing show up.
  7. Members cannot edit their listing. This message appear: [#10CFDM2003] Too much time has elapsed for you to edit this item.
  8. [#10CFDM2025] You must select a valid package. I tried to edit a ad. I upgraded from the previous version. What is wrong?
  9. contact.tiff I cannot find the application in my Admin CP ->System tab ->Manage Applications & Modules ->Applications Not Installed. Do,nt understand this, attached is a screen print of where I put the files.
  10. My classifieds don,t work at all after upgrade to IPB 3.2. The classifieds is a important part for my forums. What time will a upgrade be ready?
  11. Thank,s! Great hook, but maybe a link to the recent post and not to the first one?
  12. How to edit how may posts showing? And edit how many words showing?
  13. Cannot access the IPB Gallery?

    1. AndyF


      Its working as far as I can tell.

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