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  1. Hey, I think that there is a bug for the imported rss feeds. For some reason Google alerts rss feeds are entered in twice for their rss feed.
  2. Hi, How do you protect your forum from Spam? Looking for the best plugins, tips and guides.
  3. Hi, How to set the default language for the BBCode toolbar <code> from html to something custom? I need to add bash instead of html.
  4. Hi, Any Idea when 2 factor authentication (Google Authenticator) will be integrated in IPB? Thanks
  5. Would it be possible to add the option to remove avatars from IPB. I want to disable uploads of any kind from members including avatars. Thank you.
  6. Curious, when 2 factor authentication is coming to IPB? Thanks
  7. I think there should be an option to add ads after the second post. Should be an easy addon. Thanks
  8. Hi, I think for the upcoming 2-factor authentication feature, Admins should have the option to force all members to enable 2 factor authentication.
  9. Hi MDPP, On top of the Php page what files do I have to include? I think i have to include IPB init.php?
  10. anyone? Need this for a custom ad script, so that if user is in Car forum , Car ads will be displayed. Thanks
  11. Hi, In Php, what do you need to include need to know the current forum value that the member is in. If my forum is setup like this Main Forum > Cars > Text text text? I want to get Cars forum id. Looking for a Php example code, with the includes that needed to added to the Php script. Thank you.
  12. Hi, i want to know if it is possible to limit the image tag bbcode to only certain members like moderators and admins? Thanks
  13. For the next update in the Advertisements Section, Would it be possible to add the forums that you would like the ads to be shown in? Some people might get sponsors for specific subforms...should be a simple add on. Default can be all forum, and then you can select which forums, like in the announcements dropdown.
  14. It would nice if there was a referral tracking system. Something that will admins know how many members each member referred and who?
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