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  1. Will definitely be worth the effort. Still have no streaming set-up on our IPS4 site as we are waiting on this
  2. I have had nothing but bad experiences with ArrowChat. Their staff are rude, do not care, slow to update.
  3. Sent you a PM concerning this. I gave some detailed feedback on the DevFuse customer forums for this as well.
  4. I think your going to have a mix of things. But as @Lindy said, I have purchased some lower priced plugins that after installing etc. were not worth the hard drive space they were stored on. As others have said, you get what you pay for. I have learned that while not always, the prior statement is true most of the time. For instance there are two comparable applications on the marketplace one, in the teens, the other in the thirties. After research and due process I went with the one that was more expensive and have not regretted any minute of it. Did they have less sales? Yes. Would they like to sell more? Probably. But, overall, based on other customers comments and issues was the better choice. The lower price one had more issues, lower quality support, longer wait times for critical updates, etc. I have seen this scenario time and time again, and many an author have had a free lunch of me for something that was useless. I'd rather buy an authors steak dinner and get something that will be good and properly supported.
  5. Was really hoping that this could be made available sometime since it is listed in the help guides section
  6. Any information on when the Help Guide for recreating the help guides section will be available?
  7. This would be ideal. However, This would be acceptable.
  8. Is there a way to make the badges only appear within the collab(s) instead of site-wide?
  9. @DawPi, do you plan on releasing a IP4 version of this in the future? This was a great tool we used extensively on 3.4.x and have greatly missed it since moving to IP4 and would love to see it return!
  10. It takes time! For instance my community has been running since the spring of 2014. We have had, and are still having our struggles. Our biggest mistake was upgrading too soon to 4.x (not at any fault of IPS, we just were not ready), however, it was unavoidable. I broke a few things and upgrading was the best option to "fix" them. Unfortunately upgrading broke many many many other things, and well alienated our membership. I actually have a meeting with my staff and development staff later today to get our roadmap laid out and get things on track. I definitely feel you on the time and money invested, but if its something you love to do, DONT GIVE UP. BTW, I have always admired your front page where the articles are layed out. Still havn't been able to get that working for me
  11. Hello, 

    Website URL - www.lawenforcementroleplay.com
    IPS Profile - https://community.invisionpower.com/profile/194990-razorsedge/
    InvisionFocus Profile - http://invisionfocus.com/profile/3506-razor-s-edge/

    Thank you!

  12. I think where he is coming from is the fact it was advertised as "buy at the current price and get a free upgrade to IP4 version". However, a lot of us did that, but that 6 month has expired, so we will in essence need to renew, now paying more than we would have if we would have just waited for a polished version. Either way, hope to see this coming in the near future.
  13. "Can be edited by member" - No (Only admins and super mdoerators can) Visible to Everyone - Yes This was a built in feature in 3.x but not in 4.x
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