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Everything posted by Jamie.

  1. Jamie.

    Contact Form

    i keep getting ": post_too_short" when submitting the form EDIT : i reinstalled it, works now
  2. Nice name lol

  3. Hey andy i see your an Active C now, come on skype plox

  4. Hey can you send me the premium sneek peek vid of v5 plox :P

  5. like i said in the post i am working on a hook / mod but its not going well :( i can do it as a skin edit to any skin for you (3.1 aswell)
  6. File Name: 3.2 Skin with Tabbed Categories File Submitter: Jamie. File Submitted: 13 Jul 2011 File Updated: 28 Nov 2011 File Category: Light Skins The default 3.2 skin with tabbed Categories Simple I will be making a hook with this later this week or next week ANYONE who buys this will get the hook FREE. Only reason i'm charging is because it took some time to make. Thanks to anyone who buys I will add this to your skin if you have brought this. PM me. Click here to download this file
  7. Just made a simple skin with tabbed categories Waiting for it to be approved

    1. AndyF


      It 'almost' is, you have a PM :)

    2. Jamie.
  8. Just made a simple skin with tabbed categories Waiting for it to be approved

  9. I agree he has answered tickets in less then 5 mins O.o Thanks Jason
  10. Quick Question : Can i change Community Forum Software by IP.Board into "Site Name is powered by IP.Board" ?

    1. Lewis P

      Lewis P

      You'd be best to send in a ticket for this. I can't imagine it being a problem as long as it is correctly linked back here, but to be sure...

    2. Jamie.
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    2. The Heff
    3. Jamie.


      im jw as they are a IPS Market mod

    4. Ryan H.

      Ryan H.

      Probably an account used by Tera for testing purposes.

  11. Will nexus and content beta for 3.2 be out soon ? sorry for asking

    1. TheRevTastic


      No because 3.2 is beta, they don't support beta help etc like that.

  12. if they were to take the software illegally then they would just remove it like i did on my localhost lol
  13. Why dont you just put the message at the top and not make it scroll with you because that is the part that i hate
  14. Hey andy pandy

  15. bug report was aready posted by bfarber i think

  17. Hopes there will be another "Complete the Suite Promotion" for the 3.2 beta

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    2. ShadyX


      Pah :( makes me feel the need to open a twitter for such occasions :P

    3. AlexJ


      I didn't knew about that either :( Twitter damm u!!

    4. Jamie.
  18. Loving 3.2 cant wait to renew

  19. http://gyazo.com/686199e73d3b23a03444e21bce421008.png I found a hidden bit in the nav bar :O
    1. Grime


      Ooh. I don't see that.

    2. Jamie.


      its becouse its hidden :O it might be a drop down where we get to put app links :)

    3. .Ian


      It is for when there are more apps - it automatically drops down to a second level

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