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  1. I completely agree with this thread. I feel that Ipb is not moving at the right speed. My personnal wishlist still crave for : Multi databases support (master/slave etc.) Real search (sphinx/elasticsearch whatever) Ipboard profling gears (I lost so much response time with 3-> 4 migration) Better plugin documentation
  2. NO ! This plugin allow wordpress post inclusion on the forum, not the forum on the wordpress. I would be ready to pay a bounty to see this development happen!
  3. When sharing a topic by email with ipb 4.x, it create a page that is visible by search engines, It is damageable because: It doesn't bring added value to user and should not be present in SE indexes SE loose precious crawl time, crawling useless page. So we have two things to correct: The page ( /?do=email ) should have cannonical and nofollow meta header The link should have rel=nofollow I don't think it's something big
  4. This is already expressed earlier in this thread, mainly: applications/core/extensions/core/Queue/RebuildPosts.php / Line 29 public $rebuild = 600; //orig: 50, 1000 works also ; applications/core/extensions/core/Queue/RebuildSearchIndex.php / Line 29 -> public $index = 1000; And so on ... each time the ajax request is a bit too short. It's sad that all this process are not run in parallel, only one request a time, that mean only one thread on my ... 24 thread machine.
  5. OEmbeds start to be a big things, popularized by wordpress, twitter, facebook etc. It allow to embed a post on a webpage using simply the url in an editor. I would love to embeds my forum posts in my wordpress article, or be able to embed a topic in another topic, for that ipboard must be an oembed provider. Evry week I am making article like "5 best thread on our forum" and the presentation just sucks. Of course, the idea was already express, but I couldn't find official feature request. I think if reddit have that function (see this article for example), ipboard must have it t
  6. It took us 36h on high-end gears for 500k members, 3.5 millions messages to rebuilds things completely. (after 3h of conversion). We used the function of the dashboard to make it by hands with a computer that stay awake. We used the trick of changing all the rebuild numbers in the classes in order to maximise the ressources usages (increase it until around all ajax request was arround 30seconds ).
  7. I miss it too for it's blazing fast experience for users. Of course, a more model approach, with pluggable systems (cloud/elasticsearch) will be the best.
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