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  1. I would like to see more filters available when sending bulk emails to members. Specifically, I would like the ability to filter by custom profile fields. I have a profile field for country, and another for interests. Both of those are incredibly useful for segmentation. There could be workarounds... for example you can filter by secondary group. If I could search by profile field and bulk add found members to a secondary group, I could then bulk email them. However, there is no bulk add to secondary group option... only a bulk move option, which changes their primary group. In
  2. Holy crap Kevin, this IP Rules application is going to totally transform my site. I can't wait to upgrade to version 4 now.
  3. ​No you are not crazy. I would like to see the same thing.
  4. 8) It's nice to move the user's content to the profile page, but it still LOOKS like the same search engine-type results. In order to see the user's content you have to click each category on the left one at a time. I'd like to see a combined results page. If that's not possible, what about putting a little icon next to each content type with the number of items of that type the user has submitted. That way, you wouldn't waste your time clicking on categories of content that don't have any results.
  5. Fantastic! It would be great if there was a button to allow you to revert a string back to its original non-translated version. How easy will it be to give individual members permission to translate for us? Will we be able to limit their permission to a particular language?
  6. If you don't upload new screenshots, will it keep the old ones? If you do upload new screenshots, will it let you keep or replace the old ones? Or is it possible to have different sets of screenshots for different versions?
  7. Fantastic improvements. I really like the new look so far. I couldn't agree more.
  8. I like it! Now if only members could do the same thing with the site home page (or a "My Home Page", e.g.) that would be awesome!
  9. Thanks, i missed that. I do like Marc_S's suggestion.
  10. Oooh, I really hope the sidebar blocks can be customized per forum (or category, in other parts of the site). This would be a perfect way to link content from various parts of my site. For example, in my forum for discussing upcoming conferences, I could have a feed block from my custom conferences database showing the upcoming conferences, or a block with links to external websites for those conferences. Likewise, in my conferences database, I could have a feed block showing all recent forum topics from my conference discussions forum.
  11. I read this in the original blog entry, but assumed I had misinterpreted because the example screenshot had events from both February and March. Or perhaps it displays the events in the forthcoming month-long period, i.e. until the same day of the month next month. Either way, I hope that is an option and not required. I typically have 20 events per year, but some months may have only 1 or 0. For me the whole point of a "list view" is that my users don't have to scroll through page after page to see what events are coming up in the future. Plus I've got a few events that are years away.
  12. Thanks for giving this idea some thought. I've been asking for this for a while! It's nice to see it being implemented. Although I do agree with other's comments about the confusing layout. Does this view only work with upcoming events? What about past events? I don't want my past events lost because my users like to go back and comment on them (or "review" them), etc. If the answer is that you can view either upcoming or past events (i.e. two different pages), then it might make more sense for past events to be in reverse chronological order. Or even better, let the admin specify a def
  13. This will make my life much easier!
  14. When you sign in as a member, does that member show up in the list of online members? Also, what happens if you sign in as a member when that member is already signed in?
  15. Will we be able to set permissions for groups on this page so that, for example, guests could not see the list of forum moderators? ADKGamers and Wolfie... Rikki already answered your questions about having the lists stay in sync... you can add member groups as well as individuals.
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