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  1. Seem to be having issues with this per category. I have a default form set in the database. However when I use the a second form for selected categories, it continues to use the default form, when adding new items. It seems to work perfectly when editing the item though. Hope that makes sense. :) Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  2. Thank goodness its Friday Tomorrow!

    1. Hexsplosions


      I'll drink to that!

  3. Thank goodness its Friday Tomorrow!

  4. File Name: Database Category Block with Category Record Count File Submitter: Sailfindragon File Submitted: 22 Nov 2010 File Updated: 22 Nov 2010 File Category: IP.Content Blocks If you wish to have the total records count show next to each category within the category block. Copy this code into your block template. <div class='general_box'> <h3>{$title}</h3> <ul class='hfeed'> <if test="is_array( $records ) && count( $records )"> {parse striping="feed_striping" classes="row1,row2 altrow"} <foreach loop="$records as $r"> <li class='hentry {parse striping="feed_striping"}' style='padding: 4px 4px 4px {parse expression="$r['level']*20"}px;'> &bull; <a href='{$this->registry->ccsFunctions->returnDatabaseUrl( $r['category']['category_database_id'], $r['category']['category_id'] )}'>{$r['category']['category_name']}&nbsp;({$r['category']['category_records']})</a> </li> </foreach> </if> </ul> </div> <br /> If you are using the media category block that came with the IP Content Demo Replace this <foreach loop="$this->_categories[ $r['category_id'] ] as $sub"> <li> <a href='{$this->registry->ccsFunctions->returnDatabaseUrl( $sub['category_database_id'], $sub['category_id'] )}'>{$sub['category_name']}</a> </li> </foreach> With <foreach loop="$this->_categories[ $r['category_id'] ] as $sub"> <li> <a href='{$this->registry->ccsFunctions->returnDatabaseUrl( $sub['category_database_id'], $sub['category_id'] )}'>{$sub['category_name']}&nbsp;({$sub['category_records']})</a> </li> </foreach> Click here to download this file
  5. Thank you for the information. Much appreciated.
  6. Just want to say a big thank you to AndyMillne, you have saved me a lot of hair pulling!

  7. Internet finally back up. Been down since last night.

  8. Working on download database and enjoying lovely sunny weather.

  9. Went a little block happy on my test IP content homepage. lol.

    1. Sailfindragon


      Test site -http://www.sailfinsims.co.uk

  10. Loving IPB, but frustrated with certain aspects of IP Downloads

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    2. Charles


      Yes, please do as we are planning the next version so now is a good time.

    3. Wolfie


      IPD forum:

      I posted a suggestion there just now. :)

    4. Sailfindragon


      Will do. Thanks.

  11. Just installed IP Content. Looks a wonderful product.....just need to figure out how to use it! lol

  12. Waiting for my IPB order to be approved. Really looking forward to switching.

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    2. Wolfie


      Where's your site at?

    3. Blind Bandit

      Blind Bandit

      lucky I would love to start a new site with IPB.

    4. Sailfindragon


      IPB installation went well. Just customizing it to match old vb site before going live. Loving it so far.

  13. Hey there. I have joined you over here on IPB, just waiting for my order to be confirmed. YAY.

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