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  1. Hello, There should be a way for the user to embed an uploaded media file attachment in a post, just like the way media is embedded using the tag. For example, if they have just uploaded an audio file as an attachment, it is currently not possible to use the URL of this attachment with the tag. This is because the URL of the attachment does not end with the filetype extension such as '.mp3' or '.wma'. An uploaded file has a generic attachment URL like this /index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=2434 There should be a way to allow the attached media file to be embedded in the post, either using the tag, or using another 'embed in post' button option.
  2. When is Nexus expected to be released?

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    2. ameen


      Actually I'm not so desperate for purchasing Nexus at this moment because I haven't yet decided what I could sell on my site. Even then I think debugging / testing shouldn't take this long before a product is released. I can understand if you have a lot of frustrated or annoyed customers due to this.

    3. Collin1000


      We don't actually have alot of frustrated customers. And even if we do, it's much better to have frustrated customers while it is in testing, then to have frustrated customers when the product is "final". Just look at vB.

    4. ameen


      Well even the final product always has some bugs, I've experienced this with IPB myself.

  3. Sounds like a weak system, to 'base it on activity'. I'm sure vBulletin don't do that and they're obviously doing the right thing with the Bulk Emailer. IPB has outdone vB in many respects but unfortunately this is nto one of them.
  4. They don't mind me sending Emails to my forum members (3000+)
  5. With IPB, even a SINGLE cycle takes at least a couple of minutes to complete. This is nothing compared to the SECOND which vBulletin takes. vBulletin are obviously using a better system for sending the Emails.
  6. I thought raising the 'Emails per cycles' is not recommended in order to prevent the server from overloading / crashing?
  7. I have used vBulletin in the past and their Bulk Mailer can send HUNDREDS of Emails in just a couple of seconds. Compared to this IPB Bulk Mailer takes many minutes just to send a handful of Emails. Also vBulletin produces no database error messages like I have experienced multiple times with IPB. Obviously vBulletin are using a more reliable system for sending Bulk Mail in the Admin CP. Why doesn't IPB consider the same system as used by vBulletin?
  8. I agree it makes no sense at all to set this as default. ALLOW people to accept or reject a friend request.
  9. Well most people do trust websites such as Facebook, Myspace, forums, etc. So to most people, privacy settings would be important.
  10. Have you not used a social network such as Facebook? That's the exact reason why they have several privacy settings available, so that members can decide for themselves the level of privacy they want depending on what kind of information they want to reveal and what they regard as personal. A forum is not Facebook but it certainly is a social network.
  11. You can't just shove a flaw under the carpet just because you don't find it useful yourself. Of-course they don't 'have to' post anything personal, but the fact is that they CAN and they do have the right to do so - for example in the 'About Me' section. You can't deny members the right to privacy.
  12. In their profile they can add personal information, even if it's just one piece of information which they regard as 'private' or personal, that's enough and gives them the right to protect it from public view. They may not post such personal information on public posts like they do in their profile, so I don't think that argument holds much weight.
  13. How can IPB get such basic things wrong? You must let users decide who can view their profile!
  14. Members currently don't have the ability to choose whether their profiles are viewable by all visitor, by only their friends, or by only members. I can't understand why this feature has not been included; it's so basic and essential.
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