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  1. Does IPB have double post prevention?

    I see, I didn't think of that, although it's kind of weird they managed to write the exact same wording again. Usually there will be some minor differences when posting the same thing again. Yep, I'm aware of the automerge feature, I was just wondering if by default IPB prevented double posting.
  2. I noticed a couple of threads recently: There are some double posts, but they are spread out over 2-3 minutes, which is kind of weird. Does IPB have a setting to prevent this or would you use automerge to prevent this? If you had automerge set to 5 minutes, this may prevent double posting, but the content would still be duplicated? If there is some sort of double post prevention already built in, anyone know why those posts made it through? Another thing I find kind of weird is, if I'm not mistaken, new replies require approval on this forum first. Assuming double posts do happen every so often, wouldn't the person approving the posts, only let one through? Thanks.
  3. ipb 3.1 will be released in 2010?

    [quote name='tera
  4. ipb 3.1 will be released in 2010?

    I thought it was feature locked?
  5. Unify Avatars and User Photos

    How about the suggestion above to only show the photo on the user profile and no where else? This way your not totally removing it, but still avoids a lot of confusion for some users. I think by default it should work this way, even with the checkbox added.
  6. IP.Board contains a way to display a forum rules page. I would rather not place the privacy policy inside the forum rules. Would it be possible to create my own page wrapped inside IPB header/footer, for example with something like: <?php include('ipbheader.php'); ?> <h1>Privacy Policy</h1> <p>Bla bla bla</p> <?php include('ipbfooter.php'); ?> Can anyone tell me what do these two lines mean? # 5 day major version upgrade turnaround # Minor version upgrade via easy upgrade pack In practice, if you want us to perform the upgrade for you, we will, and at most times it is done within 24 hours. However, just after a new product release, as you can imagine, we get a huge influx of requests and that is why, worst case scenario, we state a 5 day turnaround. Looks like I totally misunderstood that. I was wondering what would happen if I bought my license January 1st, and expires June 30th. A couple days later, a new version of IPB comes out. Am I just out of luck and have to pay the renewal to upgrade? You can control which users can access, kick/ban users and all chats are logged. In what way are the chatroom messages stored? For example, in text files that might be rotated when full, chat1.txt, chat2.txt, etc.? No, it runs off of the IP.Board index.php (the only addon which doesn't is IP.Content). Personally I've never liked using /forums for that reason, notice we use "community" here. I would prefer community too, if it weren't such a long word. :P Much more convenient to type forum/forums. Assuming I mod rewrite /forums/gallery to /gallery, do you see any potential problems? Not really sure what you're referring to... where does it say "active posts"? For example, take a look at the topic poster here: His post count shows 743 posts on the thread view, but when you view his actual profile it says he only has 33 "active posts." My first instinct was that active posts are simply posts that were not deleted. But it's quite a big difference for this user so I found it kind of weird. This tutorial covers all our anti-spam features: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/official.html?record=186 I don't know what StopForumSpam is, so I can't compare it with our service. Thanks for the link. On that page if you scroll down to "Spam Monitoring Service" there is a small typo/grammar mistake in the first sentence. There is also a link that has a br tag attached to it so the link leads to an error unless you remove the br tag. Sort of. You can control which groups can send PMs and you can set it so people are automatically promoted after x posts. I see. Some forums have trouble with spammers who register simply to PM spam. If you can set a post limit required to send a PM, such as 5 posts, it might stop the majority of them. I'm not sure if I'd want to create a separate group just for users who have 5+ posts. It's possible, but I wouldn't say setting up a CDN itself is easy. Don't you just simply create the CNAME record for say static.mydomain.com? I thought more of the problem would be on the IPB side to change all image/script calls from mydomain.com/forums to static.mydomain.com. You can also use mirror CDN service, I'm not sure which would be better in this case. They would use the Facebook Connect button. Users created by Facebook Connect are indicated by an icon in their profile picture. Assuming the facebook connected user decides to create an actual account, can you then merge the facebook connected account with the regular account. This would also mean they lose their FB connect icon indication? You can disable it, but you cannot disable commenting if it is enabled. I see. I have mixed thoughts on status commenting based on my observations. On the one hand of course it's nice to be able to reply to a status. Since replying is possible, users may ask small questions that they might have been too lazy to create a new topic on otherwise. On the other hand, users might simply ask questions as a status instead of creating a topic that might spark more conversation, or something that should have been a topic in the first place. A status might not actually be a status anymore. The theory goes that if a bot cannot register with one set of information, it will try other information until it's allowed. If you register then ban it, they won't be able to anything. Interesting, learned something new. Later on when if you clear inactive users, these users would end up being pruned though right? Here is Calypso's iPoints in the Resources section: Yea, I saw that. Noticed there was demo URL available.
  7. Hi, I've tried out the demo and was quite impressed with IPB. Everything seems to be laid out pretty well, and very user friendly. I'm still interested in knowing more about IPB. Some of these questions might have already been answered by the demo, but honestly I couldn't recall everything I did. I also must apologize for all the questions, especially long ones, I'm not very good at making my questions short and simple. :( Questions are sort of in random order and not really in order of importance. Please let me know if you need any clarification for any questions. [*]Is there an easy way to put up a privacy policy/terms of use aside from using IP.Content? If there isn't and I create the page myself and edit the footer template with a link to a privacy policy, can I easily place the content within the IPB wrapper? [*]One of the downsides of IPB I heard were that a lot of the mods cost money. Is there a way to filter out mods that are free vs. paid, or will I have to go through each mod separately in order to see whether it is free? If not, I think it'd be handy to add this filter. [*]Are there any other sites out there that have a collection of mods not listed on this site, or does this site carry them all? [*]What happens in regards to the style templates/css when you upgrade IPB? Does the upgrade automatically overwrite your previous edits? If so, do you get some kind of warning before this happens? If not, what do you need to do in order to keep your template edits, do you have to copy and paste all the parts you've changed, or is there a system that automatically takes your changes and applies them onto the templates of the current version? [*]Can anyone tell me what do these two lines mean? # 5 day major version upgrade turnaround # Minor version upgrade via easy upgrade pack Does this mean that if you bought your license on Jan. 1st and a major version is released on July 5th, even though your licensed has expired, because it's within 5 days, you can still upgrade? If so, what constitutes as a major version? A version such as 4.0.0 no doubt would be, what about 4.1.0? I assume 4.1.1 wouldn't be a major version. I don't have a guess for the second line. [*]Is the sphinx search more efficient in every situation, no matter a small or large board? When changing from regular search to sphinx search and vice versa, is it possible to do this back and forth whenever you please, without problems? [*]When your license expires, you lose "access to private customer-only forums", does this include the forums for mods? Meaning: a) You'd lose all support for any mods you have installed on your board? b) You lose the ability to download any mods/skins, whether old or new? c) If I made posts/topics in these forums, does this also indicate I can no longer access/see my own posts and topics I've previously made? [*]I can 301 redirect all non-friendly URLs to friendly URLs. Somewhere down the road I go crazy and decide I don't want friendly URLs anymore. Can I then 301 redirect all friendly URLs to non-friendly URLs? How resource intensive is redirecting all the nonfriendly to friendly URLs? That is, on a medium to large sized board, would I see any impact on the speed of my site? [*]If I create a topic named "This Fun" the friendly URL might be "123-this-fun." If I edit the topic title to "My Topic" does the URL change to "123-my-topic" with a 301 redirect from "123-this-fun" or would it stay the same? [*]If I have IPB at mysite.com/forums, but later I want forums.mysite.com, does IPB do anything if the old subdirectory was accessed like redirecting to the new subdomain? Well, to do this I think it's only one or a few lines in htaccess so it might not be a problem. [*]Sometimes community mods from various platforms are not supported well. How well would you say the mods are supported in the IPB community? Do a lot of coders create mods and disappear? If so, do they usually get picked up by someone else? [*]You can minify css/js in the admincp, does this also consolidate all css into one file and all js into one file to reduce the number of HTTP requests made? [*]You can filter posts in a topic by reputation, or "points." By default the options are filter by -20, -10, 0, 10, 20. Are these editable? For example, what if I wanted -10, -5, 0, 5, 10? Unless it's a popular topic, most posts don't seem to reach over 10 (at least from what I've seen, only on these forums). Might also be nice to add a user defined option in the future. [*]Is there the ability to organize the wysiwyg text formatting bar? For example, say I wanted to remove certain items. How about if I wanted to move the bold icon two places to the right, and the italics icon one row down, etc. [*]When you purchase the IP.Board, you can also purchase the chat, which seems to last one year. If your IP license expires in 6 months, does your chat also expire, or rather it probably reverts back to 5 users at max? Assuming you cannot use the chat with over 5 users when your IPB licensed is expired, if I don't renew my license until a year later, do I still get the chat for another 6 months, or do I lose it because I had to use it within that year timeframe? [*]Are all the features of the chat already listed on the product page? Are there any settings to only allow certain usergroups? Are there commands such as kicking or banning users? Can you delete messages? Do older messages automatically get deleted, or does it log the messages? [*]VB has an option to simply deny registration to users under the age of 13. There doesn't seem to be an equivalent in IPB. I'm not too interested in the hassle of COPPA. If I enable COPPA, but leave all the information blank, this might be a solution, however I'm not sure if there is any legal constraints there. Anyone know if it's okay to simply turn on COPPA, but don't include your fax/address, effectively denying registrations from users under 13. [*]For modules files, do these mods each have their own folder to easily separate module code from core files rather than having these files jumbled in with core files (happens a lot in VB)? Where would I be able to see any coding standards for IPB? I couldn't find one in the developer resources section. [*]In a lot of other content or forum systems they might advise the "super" administrator account, or user #1 not to be used so that the username isn't thrown out there so easily, and as such it may be a bit more secure. Since IPB utilizes an username and display name system, is it safe to assume it would be secure to use the first user ID? [*]Is there no option to adjust the length of the URL shortener when posting a link? I find it kind of annoying when you see: http://community.inv...te-soft-delete/. It looks like the first 20 characters and last 15 characters are used and in between is cut. I would personally prefer to turn this off, or is there a good reason for doing this? Maybe an option to choose how many characters would be nice. [*]Any feature similar to "check if a topic has already been posted" as you type your title when creating a topic? [*]How does the URL structure work for the gallery addon? By default I think it's just gallery inside the forum root folder. Assuming your forums is located at mysite.com/forums, the gallery would be at mysite.com/forums/gallery, is it possible to have the gallery at mysite.com/gallery instead without using any redirects? [*]What exactly are "active posts?" Are they posts that haven't been deleted? I have seen some users with over 700 posts, yet only around 20 active posts, which I found kind of weird. [*]When I was playing around with the demo, my profile views was always zero despite viewing it many times. Any idea why? Also, is the count unique or not? Meaning if I refresh someones profile 100 times in a minute, does the count increase by 100? [*]Like many others, it would be important that my forum has soft delete, which will be released in IPB 3.1. In the meantime, do you think simply unapproving all posts that I would've soft deleted is a viable alternative. I figure when 3.1 is released I could write a simple query to turn all unapproved posts to soft deleted posts. With that said, what really is the main differences between having a post soft deleted vs. unapproved? I don't remember when I tried the demo, but does unapproving a post leave a notification for admins/mods until it's approved? If so, then I guess my solution for the timebeing wouldn't really work, unless I just ignored all the notifications. Also, does soft deleting a post drop your post count? Finally you can set which usergroups can soft delete, you can set which groups can fully delete. With that combination, would it be possible to allow mods to only soft delete posts, but not permanently delete posts? [*]In most CMS/forum software, there are a lot of modules that help to prevent spam. I don't see any spam modules for IPB, possibly because IPB has a spam monitoring service in the ACP? Is this similar to something such as StopForumSpam for VB? If your license is not renewed and you're not using the spam monitoring service, how often do you see spam? I'm sure there are a few robots that can pass the recaptcha. Does IPB by default (without spam monitoring service) do anything to prevent basic spam? [*]For newly registered users, is there the ability to disallow them to send PM's unless they have x amount of posts? [*]Does anyone have a link to a site that uses the ipoints module? [*]Does anyone have a link to a site that uses the forum icons module? [*]What is the reason for not showing the fast reply wysiwyg formatting bar until you actually click the box? Does this save resources or anything like that? [*]Is there an easy way to integrate the forum with a CDN, especially for the gallery? [*]How many stages/phases of IPB 3.1 will there be before it's released. For example, I saw that IPB 3.0.0 went from beta 1, beta 2, beta 3, beta 4, beta 5 and then RC1, RC2 and finally the stable version was released. [*]Before this month ends the public beta for 3.1 may be released. Does this also follow the beta phases? For example, IPB 3.1 beta 1 you download a public beta. When IPB 3.1 beta 2, you download a new public beta 2? IPB 3.1 beta 3, you now download a new public beta 3, etc. Or is there only one beta download. [*]It's not advised to use the public beta on a live site. If you wanted to though, could you? A couple problems I could see with this is that there might not be an upgrade script to the stable version correct? So if you went live with this beta, you might not be able to upgrade to the stable version and would need to start a fresh install, unless you're experienced enough to do it yourself. Another problem might be that maybe all mods may not be totally compatible with this new beta yet so you might not be able to use all mods that you want. Interested in knowing if anyone has ever launched a beta version live and what difficulties did you face? Probably the IPB 3.1 beta will have less bugs than a VB gold release. :D [*]If an exploit is found for the version I use, but my license is expired, am I still able to download the security patch? [*]The cost for renewal of gallery, blog, downloads and content is listed as 10, 10, 10, and 15 respectively on the main order page, but on this thread. On this thread: it's listed as 30, 20, 20, and 30 respectively. It does say per year instead of 6 months, but wouldn't that make it 15, 10, 10, 15? [*]Is the only "deal" right now $50 off if you buy the board and two products? Is anything else on the forum I see old and not effective? For example, I saw "buy the entire suite and renewal for the entire suite is only $25." Lifetime licenses are also extinct? [*]IP.Converge is a product that creates a single sign on between multiple applications. But it doesn't do anything further right? For example, say you "converged" Drupal and IPB, and you change your username for IPB, this wouldn't automatically sync in Drupal? You'd need to further code this I assume? BTW, has anyone created a small converge script for Drupal and IPB? This was actually the main reason I never considered IPB before because there was no module to integrate with drupal (aside from an old 5.x drupal module). I no longer have this requirement anymore and it was one reason to consider IPB again now. [*]I don't use facebook, so this might not be obvious to me, but what does facebook connect do? I'm interested in knowing the full details. I assume when you use facebook connect, the user inputs his facebook email and password. Does this then automatically create an account in IPB? Would the username be their first name and last name? How about their display name? [*]After the user has connected with facebook, does that mean they can just login regularly next time or do they need to use facebook connect each time? If an account was created with facebook connect, is there a way to distinguish these users? [*]What are the ways that IPB interacts with facebook? If you can make a topic/post and it posts it on facebook, does facebook become the legal owner of that piece of content? [*]Can you enable/disable statuses? With IPB 3.1, can you enable statuses, but disable status replying? [*]I kind of forgot the options in the spam monitoring service, but IIRC, when a spammer is caught, there are a few options of what you can do with that user. I recall an option that registers the user, but bans them instantly. I might be missing something, but why would I want to stuff my members table with these caught spammers? Is there an option to not register these users? [*]Is there an option to adjust lightbox settings such as transition speeds or effects. Or would you need to edit the JS files directly to do that? [*]I didn't see these options so I was surprised, maybe I missed them. Are you able to adjust default settings for users? For instance, by default, user profiles show 0 last visitors, a lot of notifications are set to email, friend requests do not require approval, and flash uploader is not enabled. I might want instead to set the default to show 10 last visitors on profiles, set notifications to PM's, have friend requests require approval, and enable the flash uploader by default. Below are also a couple of things I noticed, that might be bugs, they're really minor though: When you have COPPA turned on (as is IPB) there is a link: "Contact the forums administrator" that upon clicked opens outlook. If you enter an age under 13 you will get a message disallowing you from registering. Once again there is a "Contact the forums administrator" with the javascript call to javascript:contact_admin(); but it's broken I think. Beside it also displays "fadmin@community.invisionpower.com" with the mailto to that address. I'm not sure if that email address is supposed to be exposed there. When giving someone a warning, let's say I type "test," enter and send the form, but do not fill in the required fields. The text will now display "test<br />" instead. If I fail to fill in the required fields again and submit, it'll now display the htmlentities of any characters. Not sure if this is a bug though. This probably isn't a bug, and really extremely minor as most people might not do this, but after you've clicked on "Remove customizations" on your profile, each time you refresh that page it will remove any customizations. I think some users may open their profile in a new tab with the profile settings in another tab. If you set your profile bg color to blue, then refresh your profile, it'll turn blue. You set it to red, refresh your profile, it'll turn it to red. However if you click remove customizations and then set your color to green, and refresh your profile, it'll reset to default. At that point no matter what you choose it wouldn't take effect until you actually close your profile and reopen a new one. This probably wouldn't happen to much people, but just thought I'd mention it... That's all for now. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer any questions.
  8. Unify Avatars and User Photos

    That is another solution that I would agree with that. Not being familiar with IPB, I was viewing the gallery and clicked "use this picture as your avatar" however the image at the top left next to my name didn't change, I thought it was a bug until I posted a test topic in the test forum and realized the image at the top is my profile pic and avatars only show on posts.
  9. Unify Avatars and User Photos

    I'm not a customer, in fact I was going to ask this in the presales forum, but thought I'd jump in here with one of the many questions I was about to ask: I think a lot of people would prefer to have both a photo and avatar, so it wouldn't be a good idea to remove one entirely. But maybe there should be an option to disable photos and use avatars in place. Or when you upload an avatar, have a checkbox underneath that says "Use this same image as your photo" and vice versa when you upload a photo.
  10. You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  11. You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  12. You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  13. You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  14. You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  15. You are the most awesome hacker I know!