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  1. I agree, the advertisement placement is too general. It would be great to have more control over which applications and pages I can place ads on.
  2. How would I go about moving a IPS4 site from a folder into the HTML folder?
  3. I've waited over a year, what is another few weeks.
  4. I currently am using your Luminous theme. Will the color of the tabs change when a member changes the color from the color picker?
  5. Tom, can you provide a fix in the next update? The problem is the Print View. On Luminous, when you click the print view, it displays the background color which is pretty ugly. IMHO, the print view should be black and white. Other than that small issue, this theme is awesome, and my users love it.
  6. I do not believe that IPS is going downhill, in fact I believe the opposite. Among all the major bulletin board platforms, I believe that the future is the best with IPS. I would not be running my boards with IPS if that was not the case. When I open a ticket, I'm pleased with the response time. I understand the weekend skeleton crew also, so I take that into consideration when looking for a response from a ticket. Sometimes somethings slip through the cracks, it happens to every company at one point. I love the fact that they patch and update the software frequently, it is comforting to know that they are constantly working to improve and secure the software. Now I do have my gripes with how somethings are handled, but I would have that with any software that I did not write myself.
  7. Man, this news ruined my day. Where is the dislike button?
  8. I may be in the minority here, but when I moved my website over from other software I suffered the normal loss of traffic associated with switching software. It took a little while, but after making all my appropriate SEO changes and sticking with IPB, my search traffic is now higher than it was before with more members registering and posting. I'm pleased with my organic search results with IPB. You can't just use the default IPB settings, you should take the initiative and time to change/customize settings like Matt mentioned above. That goes with any software.
  9. Thanks, the Google+ now shows up in the admin settings, but I cant get any of the social icon to show up on the forums.
  10. I just upgraded the skin. I can't get the facebook icon to show up, and I can't find the Google+ icon in the configuration. Am I missing something?
  11. Any idea on a time frame yet? Just curious?
  12. It is nice to see that you are not just pushing an update just so that it says 3.3. Thanks for taking the time to fix bugs and make improvements, I can definitely wait for that.
  13. Had problems also. All set now though.
  14. Will this theme be upgraded to 3.3? If so, what is the time frame for after 3.3 is released? Thanks.
  15. What if I don't want my board to have any of those features? Many things are best left as mods.
  16. You can download it from the Marketplace
  17. What is the best way to upgrade the skin?
  18. Anyone have this working on 3.2.3?
  19. I just wanted to give a shout out to mention that my community loves the 3.2 upgrade. I upgraded a few days after 3.2 came out and so far I have not had anyone complain about any missing features.I can't speak for all communities, but my members have not missed any of the features that were taken out. Thank you.
  20. Is it me or does Beta3 seem faster?

    1. Jamie.


      didnt notice they were running beta 3 here O.o lol but yes it does seem faster

    2. darkidan


      i noticed the opposite.. the forum is a lot slower to me..

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