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  1. Thank you for your answer. I have seen the "Background Processes" on the ACP Dashboard running some tasks. However, the situation is still the same after a few days from the setup. How long is it gonna take? Can I run the tasks manually? How? Thanks again!
  2. Hi guys. I am trying the new beta of IPB4 on a copy of my database so that I can start getting familiar with the new interface. I am having a problem with the BBCode on my old messages. After the upgrade, I can't display correctly the messagges. In fact, I can only see the code. For example: [color="red"]text[/color]How can I enable it again? I can't find it on the ACPanel
  3. Up! I'm also wondering if there is a way to have the PM popup notification by default. Any suggestions?
  4. UP. This setting is very important!!! A lot of members don't read the MP without a popup!
  5. No, there isn't a way to validate the email provided by the facebook user in the [url=" to our forum" page. The user can easly set an invalid email! Is possible to set automatically the facebook-mail and skip the "welcome page"?
  6. Does this mod allow to set the description to all the forums or only to the board index?
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