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  1. It looks like an incestuous microcosm to me, not a focus group.
  2. I formed a focus group for our forum. They have a wide variety of backgrounds, they really help me decide how our forum should be set up, and for selecting which software we should use. I would not know what to do without that input, in fact, I would have made entirely different decisions without that input. Perhaps a focus group to get input on this? Possibly other things as well?
  3. Thank you for the additional information Callie, now I have a much clearer idea. :thumbsup:
  4. CallieJo, Is there any chance for picture for what you want? I'm still unclear :unsure: Sorry about not replying earlier. There are a few topics on these forums I need to manual find in 'my content'because the alerts/watched topics are not working for me.
  5. One more thing. A really good way to train people is with videos/screen casts. The type of videos that clearly explain how to do things, the reasons they are being done, and focused in on the area of interest so things can be clearly seen. I saw a couple of good videos regarding IP.Content (I think), then I saw at least one that had no audio, it moved quickly around, and was not focused on the area of interest to have any idea what was going on or why. Perhaps my easiest suggestion to implement would be to pick 1 person that is self confident to have their voice recorded, and has the tec
  6. 100% Agree with the bold part, and would have been delighted to pay $300 for the IP.Content mod, assuming some other questions/issues I missed/misunderstood were answered regarding IP.Board itself. You are indeed overwhelmed, that is a good thing, an opportunity. I talked to Charles about that on the phone months ago, but I had no concrete suggestion at the time. The approach I would first consider is approaching people that like to visit this forum and help, and most importantly train them. You have recently promoted several normal members to what appears to be a staff position, you may
  7. I *really* like this company and its products. 80% is a jaw dropping statistic. To me, the largest difference between vb & ips is not the software, it is the demographic of the users. There seem to be many more commercialized vb sites. Commercial means many things, one of them is time = $, another is certain functionality that needs to be in place for the individual forums, and no matter *how* the original configuration of the software works each site has their own needs. I am not basing my outlook on the modification community, I am basing my outlook on spending several hundre
  8. I asked about it several times. Although I cannot find it right now, I believe the (at least semi) official answer that feature is not being considered.
  9. You have a 100% crystal clear understanding of the situation. IBP does not have that type of marking system. The only way I've found to approach the situation is to either open a new tab/window and leave the partially unread topic open, or to make a book mark.
  10. I don't remember exactly why, but that would make navigating this forum much easier. Absolute time stamps are fine for navigation, and I find myself scrolling around seeking out absolute timestamps instead of '4 minutes ago' or however they are worded. (sorry for not being more articulate, I don't navigate or post much here anymore)
  11. My position as well. I have someone who can help me with vb mods, but has no time to learn IPB. He is interested in xenforo and may take the extra time to learn it, if so, I have a support person. Personally I don't care who wrote what software, as long as I can get support for running my forum from my own tech person. They have never broken out the 2 entities revenue that contribute to that licensing income. vb sales could be 0 and that might still be the case.
  12. Just in case you don't know, using this in google: searchterm site:yoursite.com - will find serchterm on yoursite.com
  13. You are 100% correct, and I am 100% wrong. I made a mistake in my testing, and I misread someones post on the issue. I apologize. Regarding the thread marking system: When a large topic is clicked on, on this ips forum, that may have a 100 pages of replies, then the entire topic is marked as read, even if only the first 10 pages were put on the users screen. (read the first 10 pages of replies, go somewhere else). xenforo, and one of the options in vb is, that only the replies that were actually presented on the users screen are marked as read. So reading the first 10 pages of replies
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