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  1. File Name: BlackStream File Submitter: Jeuhen File Submitted: 27 Jun 2011 File Updated: 18 Aug 2011 File Category: Dark Skins BlackStream is a light-weight, but beautiful dark skin with some light-blue tones mixed in. The skin would fit perfectly on any site, but i see it often installed on gaming forums or dark-type forums. Note: If you find ANY bugs, please report them to me in the support topic like the other users. Thank you so much! This helps me bring out fixes much, much faster. BlackStream is free and will stay free, although i can't guarantee it will work with the Add-Ons like Downloads, Nexus, Gallery and Blogs. However, you can help me purchase them, so that i can make sure that the apps above will work with BlackStream too. Every contribution is welcome! Click here to download this file
  2. File Name: (J32) Show Online Status in User Info File Submitter: Jeuhen File Submitted: 17 Jun 2011 File Updated: 26 Jun 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins Adds an Online Indicator in the User Info Pane, which you'll be able to see inside Topics, Private Messages and other spaces that use the userInfoPane template. This hook makes use of the ipsBadges, which will show the online and offline status in a nice rounded space, check out the screenshots to see how this looks. Note: This is my first ever hook, i hope it works for everybody. Click here to download this file
  3. Download: DustBlue [codegame.net]

    I'm just saying that it looks like fluo and that the top banner is exactly the same.
  4. Download: BlackStream

    To let you guys know, i will try extra hard to get this one finished for 3.2.2 there'll be some updates in the skin so it's some work. You'll see a great result, i promise!
  5. Download: DustBlue [codegame.net]

    Looks like Fluo from IPBSkinslab.
  6. Download: BlackStream

    Hello Guys, sorry for the delays! I was on a vacation trip. I'll get the fixes out as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting them and in the meantime please bare with me.
  7. Download: Unreal Portal 3.0.2

    Should be fixed in the next update.
  8. Download: Unreal Portal 3.0.2

    Compatible with 3.2 That's it i guess.
  9. Download: BlackStream

    Aww man another upgrade. I'm on vacation now so i won't be able to bring an update out for another 10 days.
  10. Download: Unreal Portal 3.0.2

    Hurray! Just so you guys know, cricket and i will be collaborating on Unreal Portal and we will both give support over at Unreal Solutions.
  11. Download: BlackStream

    To be honest i've never did a 3-part banner before, although i know what you mean. You can insert the CSS anywhere in the ipb_styles.css (at the top/end doesnt matter, below #branding would be the best i guess) And the actual code should be in the globalTemplate.
  12. File Name: HabTastic File Submitter: Jeuhen File Submitted: 03 Aug 2011 File Updated: 18 Aug 2011 File Category: Light Skins HabTastic HabTastic is a skin based on the popular internet community "Habbo". Many elements of this skin are habbo themed such as user icons, like buttons and an online indicator in both profiles and posts. HabTastic comes with 7 different color variations for the title bars (the ones you see above the forums and sidebar blocks) and 11 different background variations for the site background, including a tutorial. So far, HabTastic works fine with IPS applications such as Downloads, Calendar, Portal and Nexus. Enjoy HabTastic! HabTastic is now free, every contribution is welcome! Click here to download this file
  13. Download: Delight

    You guys are acting rediculous. There's lots of time involved in these skins. If you want support, skinbox has their own support forum and client area. I'll bet you get much faster response there.
  14. Download: BlackStream

    If you have google chrome you can right click the image and select "Open in new tab" and when you hover over the name of the tab it will display the dimensions of the image. And the latest version of blackstream has a logo of 400x80 pixels.
  15. Hello, This is just an idea, but wouldn't it look better if in the IPS Marketplace, we first had an option to choose which version of IP.Board we're running ? What i mean by this is 2 categories instead of 1 global, one for the 3.1.x and one for the 3.2.x , this would give a cleaner look to the marketplace, rather than having to see each mod's version compatibility. - Jeuhen
  16. Marketplace organization

    I mean filter by price as in "Price - Ascending" and "Price - Descending"
  17. Download: Army

    More and more and More skins ;o
  18. Why did IPS remove the status updates from the board index again?

  19. Download: BlackStream

    Hmm since IP.Chat 5 users is free i could easily bring a fix out, thanks for the report. And my excuses for me having to bring so many bugfixes out, this is my first skin but thanks to you guys i'm getting more aware of what bits have to be skinned, so my (maybe) next skin release will go much smoother.
  20. Download: BlackStream

    That's awesome. And thanks :)
  21. Download: Uniform 3.2.x

    You'd be better off asking it on his support forums at IPBForumSkins.com
  22. Download: Skyline

    Instead of demanding it, you can just ask politely? Give the man a break. Good luck with your sales breadfan :)
  23. Marketplace organization

    The filtering sounds like a good idea. If we'd have options to filter on compatibility it would be alot easier. Also, there should be filters for the price (if you hit the paid filter).
  24. Download: BlackStream

    Updated just now! What's New in Version 2.1.0: FIXED: Several border colors FIXED: Message Center folders FIXED: Some calendar colors FIXED: Poll Colors FIXED: Photo Uploader colors CHANGED: Like Buttons (Dark colors now) Several other fixes! And for those having problems with IP.Downloads, it SHOULD work with it as i tested it on a IPS community demo installation. New like buttons: What's New in Version 2.1.1:FIXED: Profile Customization Colours CHANGED: New Logo! Several Minor Fixes
  25. Marketplace organization

    I'm a bit of a neat freak too and seeing this un-organized makes me go a bit nuts.