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  1. Ok I've bought your application and it looks really good but unfortunately I have some problems. 1) IP.Blogs - content spy app doesn't display info about new blog entry and comments 2) IP.Content - there is info about new article but nothing about new comments 3) Video app - there is info about new video but nothing about new comments 4) After Content Spy was installed on my forum, sometimes I have problems with add new comment in articles (nothing happens when I click 'add comment' button) - but maybe it's accidentally behaviour. I've tested it on my local server on windows - I'm not sure if it matters especially that everything worked fine earlier. On production I run centos. Btw. my forum version is 3.4.7 and all application mentioned above are up to date.
  2. Hello, I'm interested in to buy your app but I have two question before I'll make my decision to buy it: 1. Is it possible to modify template of how results are displayed? I would like to add avatars next to user name, and also show a content of post. I did something similar on my website http://www.grasz24.pl/index.html#ostatnio_na_forum (box on the right side called "Ostatnio na forum"). But your app can put all stuf in one place from other apps - that's great. 2. Is there global hook to display it on IP.Content?
  3. Hello, Is it possible to use this hook in the IP.Content for example as a block - it would very useful for me. Thanks for you answer.
  4. No, I haven't. I use board in Polish language (UTF 8). It's strange because adding video is working properly, problem is only mentioned error message. I use IP.Board 3.4.7 The second issue that I've found was related to IP.Content block. I tried to feed latest videos and sort them by date submitted, unfortunately it wasn't working. I had to change in file admin\applications_addon\other\videos\extensions\content\feed_blocks\videos.php line 796 to: $order .= "v.date ";And now it's working correctly. The third issue that I've found is related to IP.Content feed block again. Tag "r['content'] is displaying description of category instead video.
  5. Hello, I've just bought this mod and it's really great thing. But I've got problem with error which appears during adding a video (when you click on "more options"): The 337th code line is: if( preg_match( "#^" . $row['mediatag_match'] . "$#is", $this->request['media_url_data'] ) )Videos are adding properly in both modules: quick and more options. Please help.
  6. Will it work on IPB 3.2.2 ?
  7. Unfortunately I've got the same problem. When I disabled Featured Content WYSIWIG editor came back. When I enabled hook the problem returned. I used a firebug to analyse problem and it gave me something like this: " alt="efGwXlD.jpg">
  8. I've got the same error on 3.2.2
  9. Thank you. What do you think about to add a template to sidebar block/hook "coming events"? Similiar to this: http://www.grasz24.pl/forum/calendar/
  10. Thanks, now I know that case is pending :)
  11. I hope that I will not have to wait another 3 days to respond. Because it's a little annoying.
  12. Ok, below is Calendar Template View: So it looks like this: But when I choose ending event option: The template view is lost: Exactly! If you give us an option to set value, why we shouldn't use it? In my opinion it should works like that: When I'm adding event I choose label name, but in template I can use value. The value is stored in database, so I think it's not problem for you to give us another template bbcode/option to show it :wink: Then we can you use it to show for example icon category instead of pure text:
  13. I've found some bugs: 1. When I choose period time event or define ending of event, then calendar template is lost (view on all month/week/day). 2. When I define dropdown field, the system only use a label, not value. Usually it uses label as value in my templates. So e.g. I can't define category like this: Label: PC | Value: www.mydomain.com/pc.gif Where value will be used in template as <img src="{6_value}">, but unfortunately it shows only the name of label. Greetings, Michael
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