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  1. Done! All perfect... Thanks so much! P.S. Do I have to change this setting now or can I leave it as it is?
  2. Ok, I'll try it right away and let you know ...
  3. I just updated with the new version: before I had 2 fixed widgets but after updating the result is this ... How can I fix the problem?
  4. One question: Would you be able to prepare widgets by only activating them when they serve? For example, create a specific widget for a category of members to use only on some occasions and not always fixed. It would be convenient to enable / disable it whenever you want, without having to create it again each time
  5. I apologize for my bad English ... I mean ... there may be a possibility to set up directly in the settings, which pages, forums, the widget can be viewed without having to add it to each single page?
  6. A curiosity: can I run it only on the Homepage or in the future can I use it in various forums?
  7. Perfect, now everything works. Thanks so much!
  8. Hi, I really like this plugin but I can not get it running ... I see the button but then click on it does not open any widgets Am I wrong in configuration? I use IPS .... is only compatible with 4.2?
  9. Ops ... I apologize for having played badly the work of the plugin. (my English is bad) Is it in the marketplace "TOPIC TITLES COLORED" for 4.1.19? I did not find it ...
  10. Last question: colors will only be those set in "ACP" for each new Topic or who creates a new Topic can choose whether to use the colored title or not? It would be nice if anyone creates a new discussion, could choose what to do and what colors to use (as it did with IPB 3.4)
  11. Cool! Before I buy, I need some information: Does this hook work with "IPS 4.1.19"?
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