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  1. ​paid volunteering seems to be modern these days
  2. ​I will give my money™ when it is ready and soon
  3. Yep. The good part is being able to add plugins. Hopefully nobody won't remove that "feature".
  4. Thank you R1Lover for bringing this theme up i think this topic was sidetracked and will be locked
  5. can we have both options ? 3.14 and 3.2 the method chosen in admin CP for avatars? can we choose ourselves the implications ? is it very hard to make?
  6. Absolutely yes if is free option with existing IPB Absolutely no if is not free option with existing IPB (or service not included) if is one more application on the payment list I do not need - not at all
  7. i really can not say in public- what I think that the real truth is- I'm afraid that the post be deleted - me - banned, etc... (better to be silent)
  8. Thanks i appreciate your opinion - all this can be said in two sentences: Time has changed-the world is changing - IPB change - everyone has freedom of choice (take it or leave it) - especially for what you pay for .... But now i think more about freedom of speech - and the respect for the customers. I think it's fair that everyone has the right to say what they think - at least if nothing else. I hope this post will be not deleted -completely - if it continues like this
  9. freedom of speech

  10. i have Ubuntu (linux) for my test forums at home i go to Konslole: sudo nano /etc/hosts ------ www.mydomain.com <---------- i put this line in /etc/hosts localhost root # The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts ::1 ip6-localhost ip6-loopback fe00::0 ip6-localnet ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix ff02::1 ip6-allnodes ff02::2 ip6-allrouters ------ save after that sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart <------------- i must do that 2-3 times to have change after that i can via localhost from browser access virtually to www.mydomain.com I have no need for any other license then real in this way - can make perfect installation/convert/update at home puter - and transfer (database and files) to a real hosting and domain I don't do anything on the net live (installation/convert/update) for several reasons - the biggest is a safety
  11. I noticed that the calendar is also now separated. IPS should also disable keyboard support while writing posts it should come as a service or password recovery when some user forgets the password it should also be a service not covered under a Perpetual license.
  12. and I would not be surprised that IPB integrates directly into the Facebook one day .... and it is not bad - on the one hand - we will not have to pay hosting as now. Hosting will be integrated - also - on Facebook account - including the IPB software...
  13. that is the problem. is not - but look like as well like artificial gold I just collect people on my forum that do not like facebook or any form of social networks. and now this forum - is beginning to look like a social network. Many will go from my forum because that. They will go to other forums - that have no similarities with Facebook or Google+ in any case, social networks wins since this policy remained in the minds of people that - Facebook is orginal - and Facebook-like forum is copie... in the end will be no forums - will be just a social network.
  14. i think the next IPB must have Google+ look Google+ will win that battle.
  15. if i go to IPB 3.2 i must pay $$ someone to make me 3.1.x look I have no other solution. This is the first version of IPB - I'll wait first skins - and then update Skinners will rub their hands with money
  16. I don't care I'm not going to risk putting 3.2 using my sites..members will not blame Invision, they will blame me....for this Zuckerbook style I love the new functionality but I will be sticking with 3.1 ...
  17. Me also until I went to see Operafan.net, where you can get that useful features: 1) when you click on a poster nickname, its copied to your reply in bold, so you can answer right away. If you want to look at his Profile, just click CHILD avatar instead; 2) if you want to answer to someone's post, select the text you want to answer, and click the poster's nickname. This time the citation will be properly quoted, so you can answer it; 3) then select a quote from another post, click that poster's nick - the new citation is posted below your previous answer; 4) if you want to quote the whole post - click the right green arrow in that post.
  18. In short, when you reply to someone's post, currently you can only quote that whole post each time, then edit it manually to leave just the right sentence you want to reply to. Or, you need to do even more cumbersome manual quote edit instead. It seems a lot more convenient and natural to select a particular sentence in a post you want to reply to, then click a button to have this sentence quoted into your reply, then reply to it. If not done, then select another sentence to reply to from the same or different user's post, click a button to quote it in your reply, ...go on until you're done. :) This Poll is intended to find out, whether DO YOU care in general about the IP BOARD USABILITY. This is Invision product, you paid for. This is the product, they are expected to support by addressing your - CUSTOMER - needs. And the needs of your own Board users This Poll has two Quote Method choices offered to you. Please select the Quote Method above this post you'd like to use personally when replying to someone, if it were available to you. YOUR personal participation in this Poll is utmost important. Its the best guarantee that the change you want will happen. :) Of course, some might prefer to use a combination of both methods if offered. When answering just a few questions (the most frequent scenario), the 1-st method may be the best. For answering multiple questions from a short post, the 2-nd method may be your choice. But remember, you need to have BOTH choices available to you to pick the right one. Currently, only one method is available - to quote the whole post. Do you want to have Selective Quote offered to you as well? Then take part in this Poll and show your choice! :)
  19. 'I'd thank God to have IPB as Board !

    1. Anthony.


      IPB is the best forum solution :)

  20. Looks nice ! Does that mean that there is a 3.1.0 soon ? :thumbsup: or is this just a vision ? :devil:
  21. i am trying to find the unknown parameter ... LOL

    1. rbiss


      Sounds like a Moody Blues album.

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