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  1. $24.00

    Databases in Clubs

    This app allows creating club features based on the IPS Pages databases. E.g. if you have an Articles database, the app will allow clubs‘ owners creating articles within the club. Any database that exists in Pages and uses categories can be added to the club. Visit a demo club to see how it looks like.
    Per group permission for using database as club content area Database permissions are replaced by club permissions Club header is added automatically to the listing and record view Club owners can change the feature and description New entries are shown in the club Overview tab Clubs use database templates for Category List, Record, and Record Form defined in the database settings NEW! A template to list the records as nice featured cards is included NOTE: Pages must be installed and enabled to use this app.

    3 purchases   6 downloads

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  2. $28.00

    Paid Listings

    This app adds two new product types to your IPS Commerce Store: Featured Item and Pinned Item. From now, you can sell featuring and pinning of any content in your community.
    Content to feature:
    Forum Topic Blog Entry Calendar Event Downloads File Gallery Image Gallery Album Club Pages Article Any record from Pages database Any 3rd party item if it is featurable (refer to the developer of 3rd party app if you are not sure) Content to pin:
    Forum Topic Blog Entry Downloads File Gallery Image Pages Article Any record from Pages databases Any 3rd party item if it is pinnable (refer to the developer of 3rd party app if you are not sure) While creating a Commerce product you can select either one content type, e.g. Forum Topic or combine different content types like Gallery Image and Article in one. You can create different product categories. It’s up to you how you structure your sale offer.
    Note: this app requires IPS Commerce. Due to the numerous Commerce settings, you can define:
    one-time price free trials discounts renewals every X days/months etc. groups that are allowed to feature/pin content available payment methods moving users into another group after purchase and more IPS Block Manager allows you to create blocks with featured items only. You can place them in any area of your community to promote paid listings.

    3 purchases   9 downloads

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  3. Free

    Translit URL

    Provides a custom transliteration for friendly URLs. Substitutes special characters in FURL according to the custom settings. Supports all applications*!
    To add or edit your custom substitution, log in to your AdminCP and go to System → Plugins. Click on Edit (pencil in the plugin row) and enter substitution you wish. See the example shown in screenshot for "how-to". Important: One line per substitution.
    It will have no impact on your existing URLs. You can test the plugin by installing and creating a new topic or article or something else that contains special chars in the title. Old entries must be resaved to see the result. Just open an entry and save without changes to get new URL for it. You will not get 404 errors after installing. No broken links. You will not get any broken links when you uninstall either.
    * The only place where this will not work are tags! Tagging system of IPS is different, so your tags will remain with the special signs, even with this plugin.


       (1 review)


  4. $17.00

    Custom Errors

    This application allows creating custom 404 (Not found) or 403 (No permissions) pages.
    Enable / disable per error type Choose groups to show the custom error page to Translatable custom title Custom image Translatable custom message (WYSIWYG editor) (Optionally) Show search form on 404 (Not found) page (Optionally) Show "Our picks" block on 404 (Not found) page (Optionally) Show "Sign in/Sign up" block on 403 (No permissions) page Enable logs to track error pages views and URLs Set pruning timeframe for the log history

    5 purchases   7 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  5. Free

    German Language Pack for Invision Community

    This is the German Language Pack for IPS Community Suite 4.5.X. It contains full translation of AdminCP and Frontend for the following Apps:
    System Forums Downloads Pages Converter Blogs Gallery Commerce Calendar Mobile App 😏 ACP Marketplace Support for the language pack is on invisionfocus.de


       (2 reviews)


  6. Free

    Sign In As Member

    This plugin adds a button "Sign in" to the user's hovercard and profile header to log in as member.
    Full administrators have the permission per default. To set up users who can use the button, in your AdminCP go to Members -> Staff -> Administrators. Select the existing group or click on Add Administrator and grant access for System -> Members -> Can sign in as members. 
    For security reason, the button is not available on hovercards and profiles of the users that have access to AdminCP. For those users you can still use the default "Sign in as" feature in AdminCP.


       (3 reviews)


  7. Free

    Activity Block

    This block displays any activity stream (default or custom) in a widget.
    Horizontal and vertical blocks are included Editable title of the block Always uses condensed view Number of items to show in one block (up to 100) Show default stream if no stream is chosen Note: you can create an admin defined stream in ACP and display it through this widget as well.


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  8. Free

    Random Picks

    This block displays promoted items from the section "Our Picks" throughout the site in random order. It does NOT use carousel. The block is made of grid columns.
    Horizontal and vertical blocks are included Reusable on the the same page Translatable title of the block Show/hide the title of the block Number of items to show in one block Number of columns (1, 2, 3 or 4 columns) Show default cover if image is not available Show/hide more than one image (if more than one is added to the pick) Show/hide meta description Truncate description text by lines Show/hide reactions and comments Show/hide "Promoted By" line Show/hide "View All" link Limit by number of days (or unlimited) Responsive mobile design Supports lazy load


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