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  1. Hi, Is there any way I can reset all the profile photos of all Forum users, so that after that they update again? Because there are many profiles with broken photos as in the image below Kind Regards
  2. I don't know where exactly I can see this, but I made 2 donates to test and both are completed on PayPal, but any of than aren't showing on history of Payment Log or Top Donators
  3. Hi @Mike John, Doesn't show any thing on the payment log. I've checked on PayPal and the IPN it's enabled to. I sent to you the login details of my board. King Regards.
  4. It might be worth waiting for a new update. I'm having problems with mine and I see that the author has appeared, but hasn't given any return. Maybe might be working on a new update to fix these bugs.
  5. Hi @Mike John, I updated my App, and after that I can make all the process of a Donation with paypal, but the Donations aren't showing on the Payment Logs, and also don't show on the Forum who made a donate. I've tried to reinstall but still the same =\ I'm using the Default goal to test and this goal aren't a Private. =\ Could you help me ? Kind Regards. =)
  6. Exactly, I don't know how can I see the detailed error of this to know what exactly might be happening =\
  7. Hi @Adriano Faria, I don't know if I forgot to do something but after install and try to edit some profile I've been got this error.
  8. ThiagoRibeiro


    Hi @-RAW-, I just install this app, and put 1 category with 1 Award, but even setting all permissions, the app doen't show on my Forum. Is there some specific place that I can see the error that are happening ?!? Regards
  9. Do you know how can I do ? I've been looking through settings but I haven't found =\
  10. Question 1: How can I configure one specific member with promote and demotion group and after a specific date this member return for another group ?? Question 2: It's possible to keep an member promoted while this member make some donate before 30 days expire ?! Kind Regards
  11. I sent a MP to you with my board because I don't know if I can do this on my posts here Thank you
  12. Hi Mike, I tried to do this but the issue happened again. =\ Ok. Thanks
  13. Hi @Mike John, On my Forum index the sidebar hook Top Donors show this way But on Donate Page show this It's possible leave the index of the Forum equals that Donate Page? @Edit When click on 'View Top Donors' happens as well, don't show who made that Donate Regards.
  14. It'll be a version compatible with IPB 4.1.x ?? Regards
  15. Hi, I upgraded my Forum 3.4.8 to In this update it was necessary make a conversion of MySQL to UTF-8, after that all my topics had a problem with accents. My doubt is, there's any way to fix this automatically or it will be necessary fix this manually ? Here is the example Regards
  16. Tip: Width Automatically 1. Leave blank 'Comments box width in pixels'. 2. Go to: Look & Feel> Manage Skin Sets & Templates 3. Select Your Skin, and open CSS File on: CSS> ipb_styles.css 4. Add at the end of the file: 5. Save this change and Done! Result " alt="3NuTVW3.png">
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