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  1. [XPD] Closing Reason as Post

    Hi, Will you be upgrading to work with 3.3?
  2. [XPD] Closing Reason as Post

    This doesnt show the user that you specify :(
  3. [#103139]

    Log out and log back in. =]
  4. Moved my board, now how do I get the skins to grab images from new directory? (etc. from / to /forums/)

  5. Playable Demo of Community?

    Go for the demo, it has the cms. ccs. Also, it can't be mobile friendly unless YOU do it. its not a cms, its your website. You design it, it's just intergrated with IP.Board and is easy to use.
  6. CCS Pricing

    Since 3.0.2 is out... when can we expect a release ;)
  7. August '09 Desktops

    [quote name='G
  8. :faceless: Cannot wait ;)
  9. ACP Tab

    ^1. Of course it would only be visible to admins, like it is right now...
  10. Package Generator

    That would be a good idea, but dont forget about fresh 2.x.x and 3.x.x!
  11. Warez site providing IPB3

    You'll get it eventually. Don't link it here, guests/members can see it and get IPB for free.
  12. Thinking of converting... but...

    For Trader Systems, you could just use reputation?
  13. iPhone OS 3.1/4.0 wishlist

    Just if you know, 3.1 is out for developers. Speed improvements, and MMS for AT & T
  14. Yeah, 2 minute job, so not surprised if you vomit when you look at it. Anyway, I have no idea how to change the parts in red so it looks like the pdf style.
  15. ipb 2.3.6 or v3?

    2.x.x and 3.x.x skins are not interchangable.