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  1. That would be very useful. Hard to believe 3.2.3 doesn't support that. A poll should have the ability to be closed from voting while the topic's discussion continues.
  2. We haven't upgraded to 3.2+ yet. but I never once used the 'My Media' button this whole time on these support forums. I guess I just haven't found a use for it on here yet.
  3. This suggestion has my vote as well.
  4. I never noticed that til now and I have to agree with Jay. It's not a distraction or anything, but it makes somewhat more sense to have it only on the far right IMO.
  5. I agree with this as well. EDIT #2: In the meantime, this hook here by Michael seems to do the job for 3.2.
  6. First of all, thank you for posting this here broni (since I, and many others, don't have access to those customer forums anymore). Second, I totally agree with you about the link icon being confusing and that they should put it back the way it is on 3.1.4. I remember a couple of weeks ago I was trying to add a link with the name, but all I saw was the field for the link and noticed the field for the name was removed (much like many other useful features IPS keeps removing). I didn't know that we had to write the label for our link first, then select it and click the link button until just now when you started this topic. All this time I've been adding links without the link name. And to reply to that staff members quote: Even though that quote was aimed at a button being removed, don't you also think that removing certain features will also "make things more difficult for new users and more likely to lead to mistakes"? There's so much emphasis on pleasing "new members", yet older members seem to be disregarded. Why is that?
  7. Where did they add it? I don't see it in the editor.
  8. If, for some reason, nothing's done about this, I would suggest starting a topic on your board's "Announcements" Forum (if your board has one) and mention it to your members so they wont be so confused.
  9. I agree with your post. Very well put Tanax. +1 (Like)
  10. I'm talking about the notification drop-down list when we click the icon, not the actual notification page.
  11. I voted "I'm fine with either option" simply because my members really don't care about that stuff and neither do I. As long as we have an avatar to show there, it's all good. Size really isn't an issue for us.
  12. That's exactly what I do. All the skins I've ever done for my IP.Boards have been designed from scratch using the default skin as my base. Sure, it takes a bit longer to do, but at least I know I'm not going to run into any serious issues.
  13. Understood, but it would make more sense to keep those that haven't actually been clicked and read in bold so that we'd know to come back later and click and read them.
  14. Thanks Pereira, I'll do that. :)
  15. Sorry to bump this topic, but I feel this should be looked into.
  16. So much confusion going on right now. Having a hard time logging in and such. But seems to be working...for now.
  17. Hmmm takes about 2 seconds on my end...
  18. I'd like to give kudos to all the staff members for putting up with all the negative feedback throughout this major upgrade in a professional way without losing your cool. I understand it wasn't an easy task because many customers don't easily adjust to change (and I've seen some brutal feedback lol), but I'm pretty sure after some time, they will eventually learn to like the new look. Great job guys.
  19. I agree with you on this, but eventually support for 3.1.4 will end at some time and we will (unfortunately) be forced to upgrade to 3.2. Sadly all good things must come to an end in the name of technology.
  20. I've noticed this too and it's getting pretty ridiculous. I would understand charging for big mods/hooks that do a lot and help us out tremendously, but little mods that do something basic should not really charge, at least not the huge amounts they're trying to make us pay. Most of them, like you said, don't seem to work. Then when their support thread get's too many complaints, they get frustrated and end up giving up and never reply or leave altogether. I wouldn't care much if their mods were free and they stopped giving support, but it's annoying when developers for paid mods stop giving support and disappear.
  21. I agree with R1Lover. Why can't you just start a new group and base that groups permissions on a Global Mod and call it "Team Leader" or however you want? If you want more permission than a Global Mod, then use the group permissions from the Admin, but edit that group to not have as much power as an actual Admin. Sort of like between a Global Mod and an Admin. You can also do this in the ACP. This way you can make this group use the ACP, but with limited access such as "Add remove users without the pain of contacting an admin". Isn't that what you were asking for in your first post? I used to have an old IP.Board before the one I run now and I created a new group using the Admin permissions. They were able to access and use the ACP, but were very limited to what they were able to do there. You can specifically set what parts of the ACP certain groups can access and use. Hope this help. If this still isn't what you're looking for, then I give up lol.
  22. I personally don't see an issue with this that requires "fixing". If you want your password longer than 3 characters, then make it longer. Nobody is forcing you to make it 3 characters. When they say "You should choose a strong password" they're merely suggesting it. I usually don't go beyond 20 characters when I create a password, so 32 seems like a fair amount if I wanted to go beyond 20+ characters IMO. It's not like I'm opening up a bank account or anything that requires me to come up with a password of more than 32 characters.
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