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  1. yes the non display is due to the calendar and is not a problem but it is his way of working "maybe display" only if the event is not limited in number of people I had limited in number of people and I understood the mode of operation by recreating an event without limit
  2. when the event is limited to a certain number of people the option "maybe" becomes unavailable
  3. in the calendar and then also in the widget I thought that the option "maybe" was an option added by your application that's why I'm asking here
  4. Do you have any idea why I do not see the "maybe" option? I see only "going and decline"
  5. is it normal that for an event on 09/08/2019 it is written : The event already started ? it's Upcoming Events and not The event already started
  6. thanks very mush for your speed in the support
  7. hi how to translate your application please ? for example to replace the letter d by a j because I do not find them in the translation of the application calendar enhancements
  8. how to make that in the CLUB page, the default view is all categories ? thanks
  9. I added IPB to my iphone home screen butthe Icon IPB is not display ... I have a screenshot as icon, why? is this option "progressive web app settings" completely ready? thanks
  10. I have not yet got Tutorial but I would like and more if it meets my needs. Online training is more and more desired. Is it possible to make Tutorial usable in this way? A visible progress bar in the study of tutorials? Integrate Quiz? Put a condtion in order to read a tutorial. For example, you must have already read another tutorial (prerequisites of knowledge) A widjet with some information (level of difficulty, file support (pdf, mp3, ..) Validate the knowledge of the tutorial by a button or the successful quiz thanks
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