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  1. Normal users were seeing this error over the header............
  2. Thanks for your hard work Stoo! But i just disabled it for now since my site is heavily dependent on the custom markers along side the member markers. This way they can see how close the customs are from their locations. I know that you're working on it and will wait for the full release.
  3. Still running the original map with google. Everything worked until a few days ago. Now the map won't load and I get a popup asking if I want to let the script to continue or kill it.
  4. What happens to the posts of the users accounts? Are they deleted or moved to a specified account?
  5. Adriano, Just a feature request. If possible, whenever someone add/s or removes a topic from being watched, that a note goes into the topic Logs.
  6. Great work as usual Adriano My friend just bought it for his forum. In a future release, will you make it selectable on which groups can use the mod?
  7. Is the warning message changeable in the settings or just in the language pack?
  8. Once markers get spread across the globe, it won't stay in that area on initial load. Just a suggestion that if someone has their own location marked, that it zooms into that area.
  9. Step 1 says that there is an upload folder but there is no upload folder in the zip
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