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    Great app with speedy and excellent support!
    Fantastic! Exactly what I needed to remove those goofy new member 'badges' from profiles. Thanks for the easy to use and free plugin!
  1. I am certain I did as I knew when set the initial pricing a year ago that we would be increasing over the coming months/years on that subscription level. I sent in a support ticket so we'll see what they say about it.
  2. We increased our membership price and are up now for our first round of renewals starting next week. One of my members decided to renew early which is good. But it also allowed him to renew at the original price rather than the new price. No super big deal at this second as it's just one member and he's a good contributor anyhow though I need to figure out how to fix this.
    Super cool plugin that adds an additional layer of customization to our forum. I've had it installed since we opened the forum a year and a half ago. Only had one issue one time and the developer got right back to me. It was a user error rather than a software issue!
    Fantastic app for sites that have a lot of active users without custom avatars. The gradient option is very cool as is the "psychedelic" one. If you're a Mac user, you may have issues getting the .tar out of the ZIP so try this: Get "The Unarchiver" from Macupdate.com (program is free but you have to register on the site) and set it up to only unzip .ZIP files. Download your ZIP file from here but save it to disk then select it and Choose Program (The Unarchiver) to open it. The .tar will appear on the desktop.
  3. Just tried to upload a font in to N2A and it threw an error - I've gone with the default font but just as an FYI.
  4. I never had an issue with this before but I'm assuming that some Mac update made the default unzip program more "useful" and now it unzips everything within a ZIP. I figured out a workaround for Mac users - get "The Unarchiver" from Macupdate.com (program is free but you have to register on the site) and set it up to only unzip .ZIP files. Download your ZIP file from here but save it to disk then select it and Choose Program (The Unarchiver) to open it. the .tar will appear on the desktop!
  5. Just paid for and downloaded N2A and there isn't a .tar file in the ZIP. 😞 Or, if there is, I can't find it!
  6. Ah. I missed that as the post was written as if it's live now.
  7. Where do you find these? "There are new sidebar blocks for best selling products, latest products, product reviews and a featured product. " My blocks options don't show anything new.
  8. In the ACP, you can change permissions for deleting content per member group. We do not allow for anyone but mods and admins to delete content but someone can go in and edit their post for a few hours after posting. Technically, they can delete the post content and leave just a "." or single character in the post box but they won't be able to delete the actual thread.
  9. Trying to select a particular forum under the General doesn't "stick" after saving. Even if we leave it with all forums selected, the groups can still see the images everywhere on the site. Any ideas on what we're doing wrong?
    Super detailed support and quick with it, too! This is a beautiful and modern theme and really sets our new forum - tijuanatalk.net - apart from others. Thanks!!
    Love the fresh look on this theme for our new site - www.tijuanatalk.net We've customized with a series of photos of street art from one of our members and we like that you can also go plain and just have a colored background. The frosted background is easy on the eyes for reading. I had one question about customizing fonts and support was quick to respond with solutions.
  10. I've noticed this, too. In the 3.x version, it would go to the newest post in the thread. Has anyone found a fix or the setting to change this?
  11. The demo page for this theme only goes to Gradient demo. Are they the same?
  12. @tsruha IMHO you are wildly overpaying. Your forum doesn't have enough activity to justify the expense or need of a dedicated server. Hosting is a delicate subject on this forum. Feel free to pm me if you want some recommendations.
  13. I am not a fan of this activity stream either for many of the same reasons which have previously been stated. Just so I understand, from a programming standpoint, would it be a programming skull crusher for IPS to incorporate an option in the ACP to allow the client to use the old VNC style if we feel that is in the best interests of our site ? For example, Paypal will allow you the option to choose between new PP and classic PP. I think this type of option would make many of us very happy.
  14. broni I was on your site when it went down. I think it is a hosting problem as I went to refresh it said 500 error which tells me there is an internal server problem.
  15. There are a couple options that you could consider. I sent one participant a pm because he was consistently double posting so I gave him this work around for posting: Write post on reply option-->review--> click on "Alt S" on your keyboard. That worked. A second option for you to consider (what I use for my board) for double posting is as follows: ACP-->System Settings-->Forum Tab-->Topics,Posts and Polls-->go down to the category "Making a Post" and the last option is "Merge member's concurrent post"-->change the 0 to 1. Your mods should be happy thereafter.
  16. ​This is a great idea. I wish there was a mod built for 3.4. Isn't an attempted mod for this icredits http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7006-icredits/ ? What I am wondering is how can the site owner capitalize on tipping ? Under your idea would a owner be entitled to a small servicing fee for every tip given ? Any idea how that would mechanically work ?
  17. I have numerous questions about purchasing ip.nexus with responses to my inquiries leading to followup questions. There are situations that relate to sales where there should be direct contact with a sales rep. My email was dropped hrs ago and its frustrating to not get an immediate response. BTW calling someone clueless is the same as ignorant which simply means lacking knowledge. That is not an insult just part of the English language. Either way I don't need to be part of anybodies quest for 10k posts.
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