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  1. Hello Nathan, Happy Thursday. I am back with another small adventure. Our board recently upgraded to 4.5.4, and the (NE) Content Limits for Editor worked great in our Test space. Last week, in live production of ICB 4.5.4, the plugin claimed it needed updating and then after the update CLfE moved into Applications. And then things got weird. Here are the two issues: 1) I can't select all Member Groups or even get a select dropdown like in your screenshots for the app, instead I get a text field where I have to set the settings for every darned legacy group. Please see screenshot #1. 2) When I set a word limit of 10,000 words for a certain group and then save it. It does not give a word count in the bottom of the editor or tell me when I have gone over. See screenshot #2. Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Thank you for the Truncated email toggle, it is perfect for our community as we don't want full topics or comments going out as emails. Is it possible to be able to choose how much text is truncated?
    Truly a great app. Great information and it works. I would love it if the programmer could make an option to search the whole databases of IP Addresses for VPNs and Proxy Servers.
    Works as described. This has been a great time saver for us. Thanks!
  3. Thank you, NE, it worked. I hope the wedding was good.
  4. Sorry, Typo. The marketplace is NOT allowing me to download 4.4.
  5. Thank you!!! I posted too fast. FYI, Marketplace is now allowing a download of the file for 4.4. See attached screenshot.
  6. Hello Nathan, Is this plug available for 4.4? The listing in the marketplace only lists 4.5. We aren't upgrading to 4.5 for another month or two, but would like to purchase and use your plugin now for our current install. Thank you.
  7. MLS

    Template System

    Thank you, @HeadStand !
  8. MLS

    Template System

    I have officially solved my own problem and possibly yours, too. How to get the Info from the Template System app to show up in your Forum Topic Row: 1) AdminCP -> Appearance -> Edit your Theme's html/css </> button. 2) Go to Templates -> forums -> front -> forums -> TopicRow 3) In the TopicRow template, I placed the following content after the second </h4> nestled in with the metadata, as that is where it worked best for me. The span classes are my own, the Template System tags simple: <div class="story_ratings_tr"> {{if $row->templateSetContent()|raw}} <span class="storyRating">{$row->templateSetContent()|raw}</span> {{endif}} </div> It is not quite the fine level of control at the label and fieldKey level, but good enough for what I needed to do for now. Perhaps @HeadStand could give tips on how to use the label and fieldKey data in the TopicRow.
  9. MLS

    Template System

    Hello @HeadStand Thank you for an awesome app. I have quite happily added the Template System to a few forum topics where I needed it. But now I would like to take the data and add it to a topic listing (TopicRow) in the forum index page. Is there any documentation on how this? I have used the manual view code and it renders as empty. I have looked in the database to see what the saved template rows/tables are called, so that I might call them separately and have not found them. We are a fanfiction forum with a wide variety of readers who really want to know if the content is adult or for everyone before they click on the topic listing. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  10. I am really disappointed the option to download to Microsoft Word has been removed. We are a fan fiction board and this option was fantastic for downloading stories. We have had several members complain about this loss of feature when we recently upgraded to 3.1.2. In future versions it would be terrific to bring back this feature. Thanks, Connie
  11. How do you fix the misspelling of Lastest to Latest?
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