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    Под 4.5.4 не планируется обновление?
    Nice app, but problems on 4.5.4 At the top, the telegram logo is constantly changing, now normal, then small, then the colors change in places. Inexplicably. In mail, the telegram logo is not displayed at all.
  1. Good afternoon. Found problems, can they be solved? 1. In the settings, it does not save the selected groups for which the display is available. 2. The logo image is not displayed if social networks are not enabled. 3. Social network icons are not displayed. 4. Twitter lettering on top.
  2. Hello. Tell me, will update ipb4? I not found anywhere information. Thank you.
  3. 3. Let us assume that in the settings is specified maximum 1 group. If the user selects one group then decided to change it and did not remove the check mark from the old, and put another one, the user will be in the 2 groups. And if during the registration group selection is required, and really you can only select one group already for registered earlier this condition is not mandatory.
  4. Yes, I had turned off. Thank you, I'll wait.
  5. Found a few problems : 1. If the user already has a secondary group , selecting through your system , it changes only one the user selects . 2 . Select at least one group is not necessary for the user. It may or may enter into any of these groups , and go out, and it is necessary that he always remained at least one group. 3 . User may still select some groups. Selects the group , save, then choose another one, save , and so on to infinity . Unfortunately in this form is not possible to use the application .
  6. No, there only to 12 lines and they all belong to the admin panel. For users there are no rows.
  7. And tell me, where is the part of the translation files for users?
  8. Thanks for the great changes! There is another issue that has to do with the registered users, as force them select a group?
  9. Can you say how long to wait, even approximately? Or how much it will cost the update. It is very necessary.
  10. When will the new version? A year has passed.
  11. Possible to make user to select only one group and the group mandatory make a choice?
  12. How can I get support? Personal messages do not answer (do not work). The site http://n-raged.com/community/tracker/project-19-nexus-support-count/ not possible to ask a question, because does not come the registration confirmation mail.
  13. When selecting Standard message forum gives an error that redirect cyclical and does not display the page. /index.php?app=denial 3.4.6
  14. Please Update to support 3.4.6 Classic mode does not work Version 32105
  15. work with IP.Board 3.4.6 ?
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