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  1. Yes please if you could, it would save multiple topics Also, on a side note, can only 'Clients' post in the 'bug tracker'? I only ask as i can see one on the IPS forums when using my iPhone 6 (clicking your hovering '?' Icon in the lower right corner)
  2. Any idea as to whether or not it could become a feature in the future?
  3. It seems like i must be the only one who would love this feature to be put into IPS4 :/ The latest lost info on the forum index has always been a huge thing for me as it has content that might grab my eye without me having the search through forums for something that may interest me. Is there a way to enable this feature for IPS4 or would it have to be a custom modification?
  4. even searching "topics" specifically it shows results from 2009 :/
  5. I searched this topic exactly as it's displayed and these are the results. The topic wasn't even on the first page and I didn't search any further
  6. ​I'm in somewhat an agreement with you on this but for other reasons, I'll try to bullet point them then elaborate if someone asks Annoyances: Mobile & PC New Line = New Paragraph Doing paragraphs is god damn annoying, I made a post a while back showing the amount of space wasted just by doing this. Yes, there is a fix where you do "shift + enter" to do a single line down, but I really don't want to need "work-arounds" to get my point across and looking like I want it to On a mobile however it isn't even possible to do 1 line down which is a major downer for me seeing as mobiles now play a major role in site activity when people are out and about. Being able to whip your phone out and make a quick post how you want it is awesome, but on IPS4 I can't do that, I have to come onto a PC to do it how I want I feel as if IPS hasn't taken into account the less "forum savvy" people. Even IPB 3.4.7 allowed single lines :/ Last Post Info (Mobile) This for me is a huge let down that IPS don't allow this feature because by not having it, I feel it will result in a decrease of members/content Reason being I find the new way to use forums now is to "follow" everything which can be annoying If you look at these 2 images for example you'll see how (in my eyes) vB has done this feature right: Bad Points: * Straight away I'm not interested. Why? Because I see 0 content. * This means I have to click a few forums just to find something I might be interested in * User icon doesn't even take you to the topic they posted in just their profile :/ pretty pointless really * If I want to visit the topic that Daniel F posted in "Ask IPS" that will require 2 clicks Good Points: * Nice and clean * Time/Date stamp is nice Now let's take a look at vBulletins version: Bad Points: * Could be spiced up a little to look a little less cluttered Good Points: * I'm interested because just in this view there are potentially 3 topics I might be interested in * Only takes me 1 click to get to the topic unlike IPS4's 2 clicks * Shows User, Topic Title, Date & Time * All round more user friendly and with that, more efficient So in light of this, If I was a member on both sites I would find myself on vB more than IPS purely because it's more interesting and more efficient :/ And this is why I think IPS 4 will result in less content & members I've loved IPS for years now and have always stood by it but in some cases it seems as if they've gone backwards
  7. I got this on the IPS forums not my Beta
  8. No i haven't mate. Will do if one hasn't been made already
  9. Not sure if this is a bug or not but i tried to login to IPS using my 'Display Name' and it kept telling me the account didn't exist. I then used the email with the same password and it let me in. Wasn't sure if i should report this or not
  10. Ah im not goin mad then lol I have an active ip.board license but not nexus as im not sure if i wanna continue with IPS or not, so don't really want to renew ip.nexus and it give me more reason not to use IPS and i waste my money. So without an active ip.nexus license i can't download the beta, so was wondering if someone had a beta that i could snoop around in to see if it's worth ne renewing but if IPS will add it here i can wait :)
  11. Oh right i just wondered as i thought there were bugs listed for it...i must be goin mad lol
  12. Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone has a demo version of the "commerce" app installed I could browse at all please? The reason I ask is that I'm 50/50 about continuing with IPS as I don't feel it's 100% for me. I purchased IP. Nexus a while back for 3.4.7 and loved it But as I have doubts with IPS 4 I don't really fancy on paying the renewal fee to find out I don't like the Commerce system either. So to selfishly save me a few pennies I was wondering if someone had it on a demo board I could browse just to get a feel and see if it's worth me carrying on with IPS. Thanks
  13. Also, is the forum supposed to blur the image like that?
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