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  1. Hi, I saw that the theme is supposed to be compatible with the latest version of IPS, but when I go to update my forum from 4.3 to 4.4 it gives me this message: Incompatible Themes: IPS Dreadnought Theme. This is after I updated IPS Dreadnought Theme to the latest version downloaded from the Marketplace before attempting to perform the update. https://nexus.eotir.com
  2. Hey @TAMAN, I just upgraded to IPS 4.2.9 and Dreadnought Theme 2.1.6 and I am getting this error message at the top of my website.
  3. I have tried reproducing the error again and again after any number of combinations, reading the same users back plus more, up to 16 users now, so I am not sure what happened if we just had a momentary fluke or what. I am sorry to trouble you. I will let you know if it happens again more frequently and try to get more information for you in that moment. But at this time, the issue appears to be resolved. I apologize for the late reply. I have been spending my time trying to replicate the issue and the good news is I was not able to, so it looks like it is working as it should on my site as well. Thank you for your time Adriano!
  4. Hello again @TAMAN, I noticed that the "flaps" on the forums that open/close as you hover over/past them on the index page do not work when you are on a page below the index level, for example, when I go into a forum that is a subforum inside a category, and then later when I go out of it, I find that I am somehow in the "index" (or subindex) or the category page instead of the main forum index, where it is only displaying the forums in that category. And when I hover my mouse over or past the forums inside the flaps that flip over (open/close) don't animate on this screen, but only animate on the main index. Is this a mini-bug or an intentional design? Please see what I mean: https://nexus.eotir.com/forum/84-in-character/ versus https://nexus.eotir.com/ or see if you can see it on the video below, but the real thing is at the URLs mentioned. 826983e8d79c42c995f4a2b0310c77a9.mp4
  5. Thank you. Purchased and installed. I will have to figure out more of the customization features that are available as I go along and how to make it work best for us but it is looking great!
  6. @TAMAN Hi there, I love your theme. I have a pre-sales question(s). The one thing that is sort of stopping me is the slider. Question 1: It is really large and takes up a lot of space and the images are not relevant to our RPG (and we do not really have images to replace it with). I understand if we were to disable it it would leave a blank space there the same size (from what I read in earlier posts). Is there any way to both disable and collapse it so it was if it doesn't exist? So that news ticker is showing up right below the top menu, leaving no gap? (We have a ton of forums as it is, so we are trying to make our site less busy as possible, and not require users to scroll down to get to the action. We already have to many official announcements and rules and other forums on top before the actual scenario forums. When we upgraded recently to 4.2.x we lost all of our themes and so we are looking for a replacement options until our our default gets upgraded to 4.3 and then we will have multiple themes for users to choose from once again. Perhaps this would become our default. https://nexus.eotir.com ) Question 2: Would we be able to put in a single image header in place of the slider that is smaller, making the space it takes up in height less, for example our community logo and name in an image file) below the menu), and then bring the news ticker tucked in right below it so there is no gap?
  7. I apologize, I didn't mean to imply that the error was intentional, I meant my question was is the application coded for a limit of 10 users per account. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  8. Hello again, I just noticed after linking more than 10 accounts a user is not able to view the forums anymore on logging in with their primary account. They get an error message instead. Administrators get the detailed error message. Once you go in and unlink one or more of the accounts to get it to ten or less then it no longer becomes a problem and works just fine. Is this intentional or a bug? 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  9. Hi - I am in the same boat. However, IPS has changed. Any tips for how to accomplish this now? I only want Admins, Mods, and select user groups to see two custom profile fields.
  10. Since you have the option of turning off most of the other modules, you should also have the option of disabling/turning off the Calendar module. We have never used it in all the time we have had IP.Board since 2005 or (earlier?). I think before it was on the bottom and out of the way. Now that it is on the top menu and we have other items we want there it is just in the way and we would rather free up that space. I do not see it on this forum. However I looked everywhere for the off-switch and I did turn off all the switched there were in the settings area for the Calendar, but there was no "Enable Calendar?" question.
  11. Hi, I just purchased Linked Accounts. Are we permitted to use it on our -TESTINSTALL license installation instance as well as our live site? The reason I ask is, right now my live site is still at 3.4.6 and will soon be upgraded to IPS 4. We are finishing our testing on the -Test installation which is not accessible to the public, just our forum staff. We have also taken our live site down in offline mode in preparation for the upgrade. We are a roleplaying community so we are very excited for this. I think we used one of your earlier free versions years ago on an older version of IPS. That is why I am very excited, as we have many users that have to maintain multiple accounts for various characters, and a few of us even have to go farther than that and have taken over the inactive players characters and turned them into NPCs as well as all the other NPCs we created ourselves for our plot. So it gets out of hand quick. (Obviously some we don't have accounts for we just post in the text, but some we do in order to keep things apart and organized). Anyway, thanks for making this wonderful script. I was hoping we could test it out on our test installation so I could show the rest of the staff and so we can get used to the new IPS 4. We have been used to 3.4.6 for a long time now. This is a big step for us. Thank you for your time.
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