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  1. I tried to install it but it says not compatible with version 4.5.
  2. I have the same issue as @ahc when I click on notifications. Lots of errors. (Looks the same as their screenshot above)
  3. And now I can't post either. It's as if the really old theme version got stuck, and I can't manually download the theme file from the marketplace. And I am afraid of deleting the theme as I have a lot of custom pages and the menu that were all built based on this theme. I'm afraid of wrecking the whole forum. They really should have made a manual update file or "reinstall" method for marketplace apps/themes/plugins, etc. If the update doesn't take, and it thinks it does, we are stuck. :/
  4. @TAMAN I received this when I I purchased the original Dreadnought Theme. Now when I go to the marketplace area to Plugins and try to update the Pages Article Styles - it says Update Available. But when I click Install Update, I get a generic "Something went wrong" message.
  5. @TAMAN I upgraded IPS to 4.5.1 and used marketplace feature to install/upgrade new theme. Still having same issue.
  6. @TAMAN My forum users and I are having trouble when making posts because the formatting icons all look the same, almost like an overlapping icon image is hovering over all of the correct icons. See screenshot below. This happens in just about all browsers and even mobile versions. IPS v4.4.10 https://nexus.eotir.com/
  7. I would like to see the API supported just like the sendgrid one is. Maybe sendinblue.com as well.
  8. I don’t mind getting it from the marketplace from top rated developers like @rebraf or @Adriano Faria who I’ve gotten many top free and paid apps and plugins from. But I am having the same privacy concerns with reCAPTCHA that Cloudflare is and some of my other staff members on other non-IPS sites I run recently took down Google and put up hCAPTCHA in its place. I think as crucial as privacy is this is something that should be implemented not as a plugin but at the core level that should either replace Google or be an option to use one over the other. In the meantime, I will look for tools like
  9. We are running into the same problem in our community.
  10. Hi, I saw that the theme is supposed to be compatible with the latest version of IPS, but when I go to update my forum from 4.3 to 4.4 it gives me this message: Incompatible Themes: IPS Dreadnought Theme. This is after I updated IPS Dreadnought Theme to the latest version downloaded from the Marketplace before attempting to perform the update. https://nexus.eotir.com
  11. Hey @TAMAN, I just upgraded to IPS 4.2.9 and Dreadnought Theme 2.1.6 and I am getting this error message at the top of my website.
  12. I have tried reproducing the error again and again after any number of combinations, reading the same users back plus more, up to 16 users now, so I am not sure what happened if we just had a momentary fluke or what. I am sorry to trouble you. I will let you know if it happens again more frequently and try to get more information for you in that moment. But at this time, the issue appears to be resolved. I apologize for the late reply. I have been spending my time trying to replicate the issue and the good news is I was not able to, so it looks like it is working as it should on my site as wel
  13. Hello again @TAMAN, I noticed that the "flaps" on the forums that open/close as you hover over/past them on the index page do not work when you are on a page below the index level, for example, when I go into a forum that is a subforum inside a category, and then later when I go out of it, I find that I am somehow in the "index" (or subindex) or the category page instead of the main forum index, where it is only displaying the forums in that category. And when I hover my mouse over or past the forums inside the flaps that flip over (open/close) don't animate on this screen, but only anima
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