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  1. Why don't you just keep 3 series ticking over with security patches and essential maintenance forever. I'd stay forever paying my way as I'm sure many more users with heavily modified sites would. Over the next six months I'm forced to make a choice.
  2. I've got my fingers in my ears, my eyes closed and I'm going ner, ner, ner. I'm on 3.4.9 with so many mods and hooks that it's perfect for my needs. If I move to 4.0 I'll be taking several steps backwards. I don't see any benefit. Security and basic maintenance are prerequisites of course and without them I have potentially a broken site. :-(
  3. Hi Marcher, I've been merrily using your system for a few years without issue. Lately I've been making videos and then inputting the youtube url and it displays fine. The latest video I had to make on one youtube account and download as .mp4 before reuploading to my correct account. For some reason the .mp4 video does not display in the media system. Is it something to do with lack of media tag replacement for .mp4? Please confirm if this is the root cause and ideally how to correct this - actually step by step as I am not technical. Thanks. Simon
  4. Stupid me Marcher, it was cached in browser. The easy answer to many problems.
  5. See my media system here: http://www.ifsqn.com/food_safety_videos.html In the top main slider, the first large video thumb looks great. If you flick through the next three are not good. The videos are linked to on youtube and the reason they look bad is because I put them in the media system before making the thumbnail good on youtube, How do I make the media system grab the updated thumbnails from youtube?
  6. ​I've decided to leave it as news Feed. Ok I will leave it. :-)
  7. After many, many years I have my site just as I want it and I have loads of add-ons. To me 4.0 upgrade is just another job I will have to do which really doesn't need to be done. It will cost me time and money and deflect my time and money from using my site to make money. At the moment I cannot see the benefit. I will put it off as long as I can without risking my sites security or functionality.
  8. ​ Manage Applications and Modules > [HSC] Super News Feed v4.2 - GLOBAL CACHE
  9. Changed news_feed to Activity Stream but not worked http://www.ifsqn.com/forum/index.php/stream.html
  10. As well as my above question. When I look at the app settings what is the cache selection there for, currently nothing is selected. pros and cons of selecting?
  11. Ok great...you may have noticed I purchased and installed. All good, I am just stuck with trying to change the below title and, bread crumb and page title. I have made some changes to lang strings in public_feed but not updating? Can you tell me how please? News FeedSee the latest activity around the community, or follow your friends!
  12. Not numbers, any complaints or comments,what do you experience.
  13. Found one: http://makeoutclub.com/stream.html Looks good, is the above standard out of the box? Are there any know bugs with it? How much resource does it use?
  14. Can I see a demo of this anywhere?
  15. Good points, I guess we are looking at the engine and I'm sure it is very powerful, the skinners will no doubt bring the beats to life and perhaps I shoudl reserve judgement until then. I think I will. :-)
  16. I'm sure it has lot's of whizz bang features, but on first look and feel I don't like it overall. There are parts that I think looks good, but overall thumbs down. It could be "change" and could grow on me. I need to see ip content and nexus and won't be upgrading until properly road tested by users and when all of the hooks and apps I have installed are upgraded. I'm looking at 12 months earliest. Glad it's here now though, so that it can develop further.
  17. Anyone good at skinning can help me with this layout issue. See attached PDF. Currently with my custom fields the layout looks like on the left. I would like it to look like on the right. Can you please help me with the correct layout code. Thanks. Taff template.pdf
  18. Had an idea in my sleep I could make another field Webinar details and put that at the top and just put my logo in the ipb event description. I will try.
  19. Hello see attached template. I have set up a template as per attached. Problem is I want the "event description" to go above all of the custom fields. Any ideas how to do it? Or maybe I could make a custom field for the event description, but I am required to submit content to the standard "event description" Presentation1.pdf
  20. Can you answer about 4 comparability and/or rough timeline for it to be working on 4. Couldn't upgrade without it.
  21. Chrome Version 35.0.1916.153 m on the right edge of images
  22. Thanks Draffi, good to know. Glad you like the site also. Great to be able to draw all content in one place. :-)
  23. Well upgraded and had to add back all my settings. :-) Now just one thing. On the right border I see some differences between slides...looks a bit weird. http://www.ifsqn.com/ any ideas. BY the way I'm constraining the image height but not the width. Thanks.
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