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  1. It did not ask that and I have not edited any templates. I literally only uploaded a new version of the theme (from 2.0.1 to 4.1.1)
  2. Hi again @TAMAN Thank you. I just did that, now having a very minor issue, the user bar and the header bar seems unaligned. What should I do to fix this?
  3. Hi @TAMAN Quick question. I haven't been updating the theme regularly, so right now I'm still using version 2.0.1. I have just updated to IPB 4.2.2. The question is, when I download your newest version (4.1.1), do I have to use the "Upload new version" method or install as fresh, to keep my theme settings intact? Thank you.
  4. I think you have a point there @TheWorldNewsMedia.org The younger generation (Millenials), they grew up using the Internet. Thus they are accustomed to what we call rich media. This is why services like Snapchat, instagram, livestreaming are all booming because young people are using it on a daily basis to communicate. But nothing will replace reading / writing in its most basic form of communication. Getting ideas and discussing it requires a lot more than just a vlog, a picture, or a WhatsApp group. The web is still the most complete solution - that is why corporations need desktop computers, they wont be able to run on tablets or smartphones alone. Through the web we are able to convey text, images, videos, sound, and everything else. Ideas and content can be displayed as massive as it gets and discussed; broken down to the core. This is where I think Forums are perfect. It is the perfect combination of anonymity, content, and collaboration. Your mention of Forums 2.0, in this case reddit, lacks the content capabilities. Yes it gives instant gratifications, which is what millenials want, but most content in reddit are all LINKS to either a blog post, image, or whatever may be. Forums has all of this capability. I agree with your statement that reddit is not able to do it, precisely because it is not meant to be Forums 2.0. What I'm trying to point out is that there is still a specific need that only Forums can provide an answer to. That is in-depth discussions, content, and resources. I'd say if your community is more catered towards light-hearted ideas that can be discussed through chat, you might need to break free from the old and clunky Forums. But okay, I haven't seen Facebook's Workplace.
  5. +1 I had resorted to mailchimp for a bit, but a native IPS feature would be awesome to have.
  6. Clubs is an exciting new feature, but for a gaming website focusing on eSports (and also applies to that of traditional sports communities), I think a great addition would be: Have the feature to setup Clubs War (or Clan War, whatever you may call it) Have a custom database to record the stats of each Clubs War and have it publicly available (so users can know who is the top ranking club I guess these are all something that needs to be done by a contributor since its a very specific feature, but I'd love to see it happen. Just my 2 cents, carry on...
  7. vpatrickd

    New: Clubs

    I need this asap please! When is 4.2 full release? I run a gaming community, and Clubs is something that will be essential! Are there any plans of making a custom database that records activities between clubs, say, a match between Club A vs Club B, with their head-to-head stats displayed or other analytics? This would be useful for both sports communities and gaming communities if we were to build data-driven resourceful sites, which is my main aim. I guess this is where we need plugins from contributors..
    This works flawlessly, very easy to install. Had it a month ago and everything is displayed beautifully. Great stuff!
  8. Hi @Mike John Do you have a demo? Does all members have to select a team? Can I customize which member groups can select? Also, does each 'team' have its own 'page' to list its members? What sort of info do one get when someone 'follows' a team?
  9. Hello @Theme Tent UK is there a way to backup all php widgets when you have many of them? Because if I put in another php widget, and I messed up the code and gave me error, the whole page site is gone and only gave me an error. As far as I know there is no way to fix it unless I uninstall the plugin and reinstall it again - in doing so I would lose all my php widgets with all the codes. Can you help?
  10. Hi @TAMAN I wanted to do this too on my site, I followed your instruction and added the code to custom.css, clicked save, but nothing changes. What am I missing? Is there an option to do this from your theme options in the latest version? Thanks.
    This theme is just beautiful, clean and sleek. You get the look and feel of it in the demo and screenshots, it really fits gaming communities. There are multiple color themes to choose from, and the author @TAMAN has made it really easy for his customers to pick and choose which color theme suits us best. You get the feel for the product, the quality and the amazing layout on the demo link. But that's just one part of selling. What made me easily give this a 5 star rating is the service/support. Taman is super helpful, always prompt. I would go as far to say that he gives the best support and sincerely tries to help his customers. One time I asked him a problem that turns out to be unrelated to the product, but he still helped me figure it out. Hats off to you, sir. Highly recommended. Top-notch!
  11. That is some really great stuff sir @TAMAN As my site progresses, I will be interested in purchasing.
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