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  1. Is that $15 a one-time purchase or a recurring monthly charge? Thank you, Brian Enos
  2. One of my forum Mods asked for this to be an option in the ACP. It would greatly reduce, if not entirely prevent, link-posting spammers.
  3. Before 4.2, if you clicked the "Mark Forum as Read" button, it did just that. Without having the member click another button that said "Are you sure you want to mark all topics as read"? If there was a setting in the ACP that allowed the "Are you sure you want to mark all topics as read" button to be disabled, that would be great.
  4. Thanks a lot for the reply.
  5. I had (T30) Bump Up Topics installed and working on v.3.1.4, but it stopped working when I upgraded to 3.3.4. So to get it working again, install this hook and disable the old one? Thank you, Brian
  6. In the bugs topic, in June, 2011, Matt said that this should be fixed in v.3.6. I can't run Chrome on my main work machine. So until 3.6, I'd have to buy a new computer to be able to tab in and out of a text box. Any idea on the release date for 3.6?
  7. In 3.1.4, if you were typing in a reply box, and you hit tab, the selection would move to the "post reply" button. If you do that in 3.2, the selection doesn't go anywhere. In other words, you have to reach for the mouse / click to post a reply (or start a new topic). (Safari 5.0.5) Also in 3.2, if the selection is in the Topic Title field, you have to hit tab twice to move the selection into the text entry field (even though the cursor appears in the text entry box after hitting tab the first time - text doesn't appear unless you hit tab again before typing).
  8. That's what I did and VigLink works perfectly. Also, I asked VL tech, and they said that your comissiion will not be lower if VL is installed with IP's hook. (Although I'm not sure how they "know" that.)
  9. One of my Mods added: Having a box to check or a menu selection to make it appear invisible and thus NOT send to any subscribers would be super handy.
  10. When making a post, if in the menu "After Posting," there was a selection for "Set Invisible" if that would solve the above problem. As it is now, you cannot make a post invisible until after it is posted.
  11. If a Member is subsribed to a Topic, and a Mod adds an invisible post, the member gets the email notification that a new post was made in the Topic. But since the post is invisible, they get an error message when they try to go to the post. I wonder if there's a way to not have the eamil notification not be sent if the new post is invisible? Also, the email notification contains the new post's contents. So now a Member that was subscribed to the Topic would see (in the email notification) the post that was not intended for Members to see. benos
  12. Having my members log out restored VNC consistency for us. be
  13. Thanks for the reply. After experimenting some more with the new ModNotifications Hook, I'm happy with it. Brian
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