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  1. Hello, We have problems in french to correctly translate replog_rate_item_gave_no_in key. English: %s <strong>reacted</strong> to %s for %s Plural: If one person reacted, french translation should be: %s <strong>a réagi</strong>… If two people or more reacted, french translation should be: %s <strong>ont réagi</strong>… to %s for %s: in english, it is: in french, it should be: (P1 et un autre ont réagi) à un message de P2 dans un sujet but currently, it is: (P1 et un autre ont réagi) à P2 pour un message dans un sujet So to have a translation in good french, the last %s should be split "into %s in %s"
  2. Hello, I agree with this request. My own moderators asked me why they must access to the ACP to modify some field with parameter "Show publicly on member's profile?" disabled. Before 4.x, they can do modification directly on the public member profile and it was more convenient for them. In our case, we even want that only staff can see the field on the member's public profil, but the available parameters permit also to the member to see it.
  3. Ok, I misread. For the ACP left menu, you can also reorganize it. Just click on the Reorder link on the bottom left, and then reorder items by drag & drop.
  4. I finally found the response in Tracker: not managed and should translate a by un/une. So we wait a better solution for a future release.
  5. Hello, I notice that you will make a change for indefart strings in the next release. But I have a question with this change: how do you manage the article type? If I take your example: '__indefart_topic' => "a topic", '__indefart_answer' => "an answer to a question", '__indefart_question' => "a question", In french, it gives: un sujet une réponse à une question une question So how do you manage the choice of "un" or "une" ?
  6. Version 20210411


    This is the French (fr-FR) translation file for IPS Community Suite 4 and contains translations for: System Forums Calendar Pages Gallery Commerce Downloads Blog Converter Front-end and back-end are fully translated. This translation made by Invision Board France, the french support community for IPS software.
  7. Hello AndyF. In fact, I restore this morning the database of previous beta. On server, I delete all files and folders except conf_global.php and uploads. I do not know what is not well rebuild, but the default theme is broken. I see several template_1 files in /datastore directory.
  8. Hello, can we have an upgrade finish tool for Community Suite 4 as we have in "IP.Board 3.4.7 Tools 1.0.1" ?
  9. File Name: IP.Board 3.4.x French Language Pack File Submitter: Invision Board France File Submitted: 24 Aug 2014 File Category: Language Packs Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x IP.Board 3.4.x french language pack made by the IBF team. Installation Log in to your IP.Board Admin CP and visit the Look & Feel tab -> Manage Languages page. In the "Import Language XML" section, browse to the "language.xml.gz" file included with these instructions and click Import. NOTE: Installation can take some time, be patient. here to download this file
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