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  1. Thanks. I will do that. I also notice that when I put a custom background in, the "repeat" options don't appear to do anything. In fact, I just noticed I get this a the top of the screen: html, body { background: #000000 url( ) right top no-repeat }
  2. When I use ThemeTent 2.1 to adjust the forum width, nothing happens. I have (of course) tried to recache the skin and the browser, to no avail.
  3. I upgraded this morning, and I can't get thumbnails to show up. All of my previous videos (and newly uploaded videos) have no thumbs. I must have done something incorrectly, but I don't know what! :lol: Tried rebuilding and recache, to no avail.
  4. Legeam

    IPB Image Slider

    Thank you for the fix. However, this fix only addressed the captions issue. The pagination "dots" are now gone. I actually prefer this, but it's not the way it was intended. The default size of the slider is 980px. If I raise this to 1300px, nothing happens (this was not an issue before the fix). I only want the slider to show on my board index. This setting is not working at all. If I put it on "Global", it shows everywhere. If I set it to "no", it shows nowhere.
  5. Legeam

    IPB Image Slider

    I bought this but I can't get it to work on any of the skins, including the default. I have recached and this didn't work. The basic issue I am having is with Captions and Pagination. Here is a screenshot of what I am seeing: As you can see, there is no caption visible. Also instead of "dots" for pagination, there are the numbers 1 and 2 for the active slides. Here is what this slide looks like in my ACP settings
  6. I there is an image attached to the topic it will pick it up. However, for pre-existing topics you will will have to select the pre-existing images manually (done via ACP and it is really fast to do). New topics after installing the application will pick up the images automatically.
  7. In each forum category, you can set a default image for that specific category. So if a poster doesn't include an image, it will post that forum's default image instead.
  8. That is correct. Admins can choose which forums can view this topic view, and they can also choose which groups have this topic view.
  9. After installing this app, my ACP does not allow me to search members any more. Very odd.
  10. I am using it on 3.4. I have not noticed any problems at all as of late. However, I should state that I have not added any new games since updating. But I have edited results of current games and they are working fine. There are also no graphical errors that I see.
  11. I just purchased this and I love it. The only issue I am having is that I am getting a series of header errors when I click Pick ems on the navigation menu. I have tried to rebuild CSS and recache the skins, but that didn't work. It's only on the initial Pick em page. When I go to the different pools, there are no header errors at all. (I am running 3.3.4)
  12. Legeam

    Quiz System

    If you have quizzes of your own that you would like to share, please feel free to send them to me via a private message etc and I will post them on the site. The more the merrier!
  13. Legeam

    Quiz System

    I am the owner of Defunct Online. Yes, you can upload your quizzes to the site. We would gladly host them for you. XML files are uploadable, so no need to zip or anything. Obviously, for security reasons, only members can upload to the site. So you will have to join. If you do join, please send me (Kelson) a private message and I will put you in a user group which will not see advertisements. Thanks for supporting my buddy Mikey, and I hope you enjoy his terrific quiz system!
  14. I noticed you have build 10 on your site. Will that be released here soon (as well as the new build for the Light version)?
  15. Thanks Ajouz. I didn't have a whole lot of time to play with the Blocks tonight. But so far so good!
  16. With Gallery, you really don't need any hooks/mods. There are a couple that might interest you, but it works just fine on its own. With Content, there are already some good blocks built in, and you can modify them to your tastes/needs. I really have not purchased any additional block except for a jquery slider, but that was before I bought the Maxx skin. Just looks at the stuff available in the IPB Maretplace. I know the basics of IP Content and Gallery (Content can be a little confusing), so if you need help, shoot me a pm with your Skype or GTalk and I will be happy to walk you through some stuff. Ajouz is currently working on Maxx Blocks for IPContent, and I have tested them and I can tell you that they provide a very good set of blocks for IP Content. If there are any blocks that you would like Ajouz to create, post them here (or on his Blog at this site). I'm not saying he will create what you ask for, but Ajouz provides extraordinary customer support and customer care, so I wouldn't be surprised if he did.
  17. I use both Maxx (Dark) and Maxx (Light) on my site. I also use IP Content and IP Gallery, and they work absolutely fine with my Maxx skins. You don't need to do anything in order for IP Content and IP Gallery to carry over. In my case, however, I was using a custom 3 column template in IP Content. This caused the page to look slightly "cramped" in Maxx. All I did was increase the width of Maxx slightly. That is all I needed to do. You probably won't have to do anything, unless (like me) you're using 3 colums in IP Content.
  18. My site is at http://www.defunctonline.com I am still tinkering with the page to get it right. But now that Ajouz is working on the content blocks, I am sure the page will look much, much different soon.
  19. It's all apples and oranges, really. I think WordPress looks better, but it doesn't integrate as seamlessly as IPContent would. I use the Maxx skin, and I have IPContent. To be honest, on my site I would rather not have IPContent or Wordpress. But I own IPContent, so I use it. I am, however, looking forward to Ajouz's Content Blocks, because it is exactly what I want for my site.
  20. Ajouz, I have spent some time looking at the Maxx Blocks you're developing. They look spectacular, and they are something I have been wanting for a very long time. I noticed that all of the blocks on your demo page are linked to IPContent articles. Will there also be custom blocks? For example, on my site I have a IPDownloads and IPGallery. So, for example, I think it would be great to put a "featured download" or a "featured gallery" in a block, and when someone hovers over that block and "read more" pops up - clicking on that would take the user directly to that featured download or featured gallery.
  21. IPContent is actually very easy to use. The only bad part about it is that it really doesn't come with "instructions", so you basically have to figure stuff out on your own. But it's not that hard.
  22. Wow, I am so impressed with the Maxx Blocks. I really can't wait to get my hands on them. Nice job, Ajouz.
  23. Is Maxx (Dark) compatible with Gallery 5.0 and Blog 2.6? If not, when do you think this will be done? Oh, and the Content Blocks look spectacular. If you need help testing etc with these, let me know. I am "Kelson" on your site.
  24. No, I took the 3 columns down. Don't worry about it. I like it just fine as is!
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