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Team Talk: Where in the world would you like to live?

Sun kissed beaches or snowscapes? Bustling cities or quiet villages?

The question we posted this month was: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

In theory we could work from anywhere in the world that has a decent internet connection, but where would we choose to live?

Mark Wade
It was only a few months ago that I was asking myself this exact question! I've always enjoyed telling people that of the great things about working on the Internet is that I can work anywhere in the world, all I have to do is bring a laptop - and yet, despite saying that, I was still living in the little English town that I was born in. At the end of last year I decided it was time to actually take advantage of that so I moved Sydney, Australia.

Sydney has everything you could ever want. First, obviously it's a major city with all the conveniences and excitement of that, and even moreso than a lot of places it always has stuff going on (the first time I was strolling past Darling Harbour on a Saturday evening and had this conversation: "oh wow a fireworks display, what's the occasion?" / "...it's saturday?" - I knew I was in a good place). But for when you want some quiet time, there's some of the world's most gorgeous beaches on one side of the city, and mountain forests on the other. It's perfect.


Australian ambassadors in the late 1980s

Jim Morrissey
So recently (last 2 years) have been doing some traveling during winter months and I've seriously underestimated previously how much living in Florida for the past 20 years has ruined me. This has led me to where I can't live anywhere else but a tropical climate with 100% humidity now. As well, the thought of driving my cars in the snow/salt is even more unappealing than the cold/dryness. In short, I've come to realize, I'm quite happy in Florida.


Florida is nice, but it's no Skegness

I would move to Costa Rica. Not because it's exotic, and beautiful, and has tons of fun things to do and see. But because I could have health care without having to pull out a second mortgage.


Forget Costa Rica, the UK has Costa Coffee

I'm rather fond of the UK but I do love America, so I think I'd split my time three ways. Spend the UK in the summer (that may be about 3 weeks based on an average year), spend the winter somewhere warm, perhaps on the south coast of America with the exception of a few weeks around Christmas where I'd take the kids somewhere filled with snow.

Mark H
If I could live anywhere I wanted to (and financing was not an obstacle), that would be Hawaii. First because its average temperature doesn’t change much over the year and is nearly tropical year-round, but also because it’s the only State in the U.S. that I have not yet visited. Having lived in Minnesota nearly all my life, as I get older the less I can tolerate Winter each year.

So I love where I live currently. Arizona (particularly in the valley) is amazing. It's mostly hot but absolutely no snow (albeit sometimes it gets cold enough that there is frost on cars). I think out of the 20 years I've lived here I've only truly seen snow in the valley 1 time and it didn't last long.

My secondary location would be Australia. It has a similar climate, some really awesome people and Amanda Palmer visits their regularly so I'd finally be able to see one of her shows.

Overall, as long as it doesn't snow you can basically consider it an ideal location for me.


That awkward moment when Arizona buys the wrong bridge

I’ve always had a strong attraction to Scandinavia and particularly Norway. There’s something quite appealing about the remoteness, nature and freedom to make your own life choices. Unfortunately I’m not at all tolerant of the cold so I don’t think I could live there permanently. Am I allowed to split my time between Norway and Italy?


Remoteness? Can I interest you in Wales?

Marc S
I think if I could live anywhere in the world, I would probably live in Australia. Simply because I hate winter. I don't like the cold, and prefer 30c+ every day if I had the option. In fact if I went back in time, I would certainly have done that knowing what I know now. Having children and family around, it's not something I would likely do at this stage in my life.

Where would you like to live? Let us know in the comments below.

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This is all quite topical for us because we've just passed one year of a five-year plan to get our affairs in order such that we can move to the hills of Slovenia. We need to feel that we'in the middle of nowhere and the fact that Slovenia is a mini Europe (Alpine mountains, lakes, coast on the Adriatic) means that we can always drive to a "holiday destination". And it snows in winter, which is perfect!

This is the house we saw which made us think "let's do it!" OK, it will have sold by the time we're ready to move but it's more than whetted the appetite! Look at all that isolation!


We did a bit more searching on a holiday last summer between Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia and realised that property on the Croatian side of the border seems ridiculously cheap. Since my better half is already very good at Croatian (she watches Croatian comedies and laughs at all the right parts), we may revise the plan and go to the north of Croatia instead.

We're on course with all the goals we've set ourselves to make it possible. The one important thing is that I need to have a job where I can work remotely once we go there, since she'll be giving up work after 20 years of stress, so if you're looking to expand the support team ... 😉


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